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Boom Boom Pow at the American Idol Finale

Ever since JUMP started making cameos on the show, I had become an avid viewer of the show and, wow, what an amazing upset on the finale.  Congratulations to Kris!  It certainly was quite a season and I was so certain that Adam was going to take it but I guess it’s a testament to the preferences of America at large.  Nonetheless, the Peas were definitely rocking JUMP during their performance of Boom Boom Pow last night!

Picture 2

It’s such a strange coincidence.  They start wearing JUMP on Idol all the time.  Then the Peas start wearing the shoes everywhere.  Now Black Eyed Peas wear them on American Idol.  I guess it all makes sense – the #1 show on TV, the #1 band on the charts and the #1 shoe brand!  Hahahaha.


That is one hell of an outfit on Fergie.


The Vanquish in Black Silver Kid Crystal is available at eModa and Bloomingdale’s.

Customers of the week.


Evan works in broadcasting and Natacha is a journalist.  They live in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Justin Guarini

It’s so dope that all these singers are getting into JUMP.  As someone who was weened on old school karaoke from the days when my dad had to turn off the sound on one of the speakers on the tape deck to get rid of the lyrics, it feels great to be supporting, in a small way, the music community.  It looks like Justin Guarini just got his hands on a pair of the Vanquish Black Silver Kid Crystal.

JustinGuarini_JUMP by you.
Available at eModa.


I’ve recently been getting quite a few requests from Jay, my buyer at Kitson’s for some special orders.  As it turns out Amar’e Stoudemire really liked the Volume in Copper and Graphite and needed 14s but we only made up to size 13.  I got a hold of my team in China to see how quickly we could turn it around and within a matter of days I had it.  In fact, my homies in China are such big fans of his they made a pair of the Vanquish Green Purple Reflex customized just for him.  Check it out.


A few days later, Shawn Marion wanted a pair too and we decided we’ll start making sizes 14-18.  It is pretty dope to be getting all this love.

Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas

The world just gets smaller every day. I was just speaking to the Peas’ stylist Lor-E yesterday and today I’m at Bloomingdale’s SoHo delivering the Vanquish Green Purple Reflex when I saw Taboo and his crew looking at the shoes. I took them to our store and chilled out for a bit. They all flipped when they saw the shoes.

DSC_0195 by you.

Those are the Vanquish Green/Purple Reflex Patent.

DSC_0198 by you.

There’s the Vigor in Burgundy.

Really cool guy! That’s the fun part of the business. He invited me to kick it with them at Kiss & Fly that night where I got to meet Will.I.Am, Apl and DJ Poet. They all love the shoes and told me they had already worn it in Entertainment Weekly. It was a good time.  Check out the video for their new track Boom Boom Pow.

Richie Rich


I had the chance to hang out with Andrea Chung and Richie Rich last night at Safran.  We got to talking and decided we have to do a dope ass collaboration together!  If it’s anything like the things he’s done before I think it’s going to be one hell of a project. I’d always thought he brought a different sort of fun and crazy inventiveness to the scene back in the Heatherette days and now with his own line it’s at another level throwing in the likes of Jenna Jameson and Aubrey O’Day.  Check out this clip from his last show in Miami with Pam Anderson.

Andrea is currently putting together a reality series about Richie and you’ll get to have a glimpse of some of our collaboration.  Watch out for it!

Bloomingdale’s at Lenox Square in Atlanta


We are very pleased and excited (much like the girls in the above picture) to announce that Bloomingdale’s will now be carrying us at one of their premier doors at Lenox Square in Atlanta, GA.  They will be carrying the Vanquish so for all of you who have been asking for it in the South, your prayers have been answered!




The Vanquish has undoubtedly been one of our most successful shoes to date.  The one of a kind materials we use along with how amazingly comfortable it is on such a wearable, yet directional silhouette have made this the must have shoe.  Spending time at the store, I’m finding that it’s sort of bridging the gap between the typical guy who appreciates design with that ultra collector sneakerhead.  It’s a beautiful thing to see all your hard work result in something that can bring such satisfaction to your customers.

Thrillist Vanquish

Customer of the week

Jude Destin.  He’s a standup comic.  The Vanquish goes well with the jacket and tie.


Culture Catch X The Takeover UK

DSC_0185 by you.

I had the unique opportunity to stop by The Center (otherwise the residence and creative compound of Ed Bennett) and enjoy a live performance as part of Culture Catch by The Takeover UK, a young band out of Pittsburgh.  It’s always cool to see performances at Ed’s place because he’s got a variety of “venues” even in his own home.  This time, the guys performed in his living room and it was totally dope.  It was all acoustic and I was struck by the unique way in which they were able to harmonize three singers in all their songs.  Beyond their harmonic abilities, they and their music had all the trappings of an “it” pop/rock band.  In other words, they’re really fucking good.  It was live streamed on ustream and was also filmed and recorded for Quicktime on the Apple website.  I’ll post it up when it becomes available.  And of course they had to be wearing JUMP.

There’s Dusty and the band.

DSC_0119 by you.
Derek’s wearing the Vanquish Grey Ivis Patent and Josh is wearing the Vague Taupe Patent.
DSC_0125 by you.
DSC_0131 by you.
Nick on piano.
DSC_0137 by you.
Josh enjoying a book on Kitchens.
DSC_0140 by you.
DSC_0152 by you.
DSC_0178 by you.
They stopped by the SoHo store to hang out for a bit before heading out to a photo shoot.  Got themselves some shoes!  Here’s Nick, Mark, Derek and Josh.  They left a bunch of their EPsat the store so stop by and nick one for your listening pleasure.
DSC_0186 by you.
I liked these guys so much that we’re talking about doing an in-store acoustic performance the next time they’re in town.  Sometime in July.  Keep you guys posted.  They have a pretty funny blog too.  Here’s one of their videos.
Their song was also used for the Castle promo.
It’s actually quite interesting to meet these different types of artists and see how they can make JUMP their own.  It’s a testament to the diversity of the brand that Busta Rhymes can look sick wearing them and a drummer from a band like The Takeover UK can look just as good in them.

Some recent press from YRB and Unvogue.

Laze & Royal wearing the Volunteer in Copper
Laze&Royal PDF by you.
Laze & Royal wearing the Volunteer in Silver
Laze&Royal PDF1 by you.
The Volume in White Nappa
roman opening-1 by you.
The Volunteer in Silver
Roman 3-1 by you.
The Stroam in Black
Roman 1-1 by you.
The Vague in Black Nappa
roman 2-1 by you.
The Bluff in Black
Aleksandra 1-1 by you.
The Bulah in Black
Dominique 1-1 by you.
The Sahara in Coal
Rhojel 1-1 by you.
The Tim in Brown
Logan 1-1 by you.
The Volunteer in Copper
Dominique1-1 by you.
The Parysian in Tan

BryceDomClaud2-1 by you.

JUMP quoted in Footwear News Zappos Issue

Zappos has been an excellent retailer to work with and their progressive business model only continues to evolve and shape the industry.



“When Jump first began working with Zappos, it struck me that their innovative business model and method of buying was revolutionary. Essentially, they allow vendors to be fully partnered with their organization by training us to learn their systems to manage and increase our business. All the new-age tools and applications online companies typically employ to increase interactivity with their consumers, Zappos does with its vendors. It’s fun and interesting to watch your business grow as Zappos grows. Having worked as a merchant for a number of years, I could tell that Zappos’ systems, inventory management and style of buying was something that would not only change the world of online retailing but perhaps the whole of merchandising itself.”

— Victor Hsu,
Marketing director, Jump

Vanquish for women! And two new men’s colors.

I know I promised a few weeks back that we’d have the Vanquish for women and today we are making good on it in a very limited test run of women’s 7s at the SoHo store.  We’ll have more sizes soon!  I actually want some of these for men!  I had our girls try them on and they say they are just as comfortable as the men’s ones.

Here are the colorful and incredibly soft nappas that made the Vanquish a hit in the 80s under the Travel Fox label.


I want the red and purple!


And of course the Black/Silver Kid Crystal and Green/Purple Reflex Patent.


These just came in for the men’s.  Super soft Tan and White.


Tune into JUMP.

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OK! Magazine American Idol Spread

Looks like they got their hands on the Vanquish!  This was taken on the set of one of the Ford commercials.


Matt’s got on the Grey Nappa and Anoop and Kris have both got the Grey Ivis Patent.  They’re the ones I wear!


Get these at Bloomingdale’s and the JUMP SoHo boutique at 89 Spring St.

Footwear News: What’s Selling


Jump Volume is a best seller at Tan Buddah.

Shinedown wearing JUMP on the CBS Morning News


Shinedown is an LA based band who’ve sold more than 6 million albums with many #1 hits including, this song, Second Chance.  Zach Myers, the guitarist on the right side of the stage has got on the Volume in White Patent.

I heart the VANQUISH.

I’m obviously a JUMP marketer and I almost only wear JUMP exclusively, with the exception of my Y-3s, Visvim and Double Identitys, but without any bit of being an Al Bundy shoe salesman, I have to say that the Vanquish, in all honesty, is quite frankly one of the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever worn.  In fact, whenever I’m at the store, I have people try it on purely for the satisfaction of seeing the reaction on their faces after they put it on!  It’s a construction that’s been proven in the 80s and since we’ve adjusted our toespring, it’s made all the difference.  So here’s some commentary on the pairs I own.  Hehe.

I own the Ivis Patent in Grey.


We’ve done pearlized patent before, but this one actually is different in that instead of having that automobile finish sort of sparkle, it’s more flat but with very inlaid hues of green and pink.  For the longest time I’ve been on a grey kick.  I love anything grey, and I’m still not sure why.  So when I got this sample back, I knew it was going to be one of the first ones I’d wear.  The material was actually almost impossible to find but in the end, we made it happen.

I also own the Grey Nappa.


Harry had told me what sold in the 80s was the really soft nappa leathers that we used.  Having introduced JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE in all patents, this is the first model where we strayed from that initial statement.  When I first got this sample and felt it, it felt like nothing I’d ever felt before.  It literally felt like butter.  So when I put it on, it was like wearing a slipper.  I really could not believe how soft it was and really, why other shoe brands hadn’t used anything like this before? We’ll be bringing in a host of other colors in the nappa very soon.  I’ll keep you posted!

But beyond the materials, there’s something about the construction that makes it really wearable shoe.  In some regards it’s quite basic as a laceup, basketball looking high top but it’s the devil in the details that make it interesting.  The wideset laces, the straight-aligned perfs, the height, the padded tongue and the padding around the collar.  We’ve also priced it at $188 to make it more accessible.  I’d urge anyone to, at the very least, try on this shoe.  I hope this didn’t read as one big marketing message.  I guess it’s tough for the sales/marketing guy to review his own product and sound objective.  Ha!

Culture Catch X Henry Butler X The Sopranos

henry_B&W by you.
After having met Dusty Wright (the man behind Culture Catch) and Ed Bennett (founder of VH1) at my friend’s mom’s birthday party (random, but cool), they kindly invited me to their Culture Catch events.  Each of which have been very intimate invitation-only performances held at some amazing townhouse or some other crazy loft.  Last week’s was at the residence of Joe Scarpinito in Tribeca.  The event featured Henry Butler, a blind pianist from New Orleans.  I introduced him to the Monderer for Jump Gatsby in Black Dentelle and when he started feeling it, he was immediately impressed.  He could tell through his hands that it was a special shoe.
HBCC6 by you.
Also in attendance were a host of characters from The Sopranos, notably Michael Imperioli who made the introduction for Henry and who also flipped for the Vanquish Grey Nappa.
henry_live by you.
His performance was amazing.  The things he was doing with that piano without the ability to see was breathtaking.  Must’ve been the shoes.  Check out Complex’s writeup on him.
victor_henry by you.
My hair’s shorter now.
DSC_1018 by you.
My homies, Ed and Dusty.
norena_michael_dusty by you.
That’s Norena, Henry’s manager, Michael, his wife Victoria and Dusty.
DSC_1016 by you.
The caterer was wearing one of our shoes from last season, completely unsolicited.
DSC_1013 by you.
Dope view from the roof.
DSC_1011 by you.
Joe had quite a collection of artwork.  I recognized this piece from a Chinese artist, Yue Minjun.  As usual, it was quite a unique event.  I’m certainly looking forward to the next one!

Adam Lambert wearing JUMP on American Idol

Adam actually did a really sick performance last night on AI with Born to be Wild, which has made its appearance in my own karaoke repertoire from time to time.  He really made the Vague in Graphite Patent look vicious.  GET IT HERE.




Project New York

We will be unveiling our Fall 09 Collection at Project New York!!!!


If you’re attending the show, please do stop by our booth to see the new line.  It’s really taken our inaugural collection to the next level.