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Taboo takes Tokyo by Storm.

It was just over a year ago when Taboo and I came to Japan and it was sick then and this time it was reSICKulous. I guess it went down when Tab invited Nobu and I to SMAP x SMAP studios at Fuji TV.  They were taping an episode to air end of March.  We gifted each of the members with TABOOXJUMPs and they absolutely loved their new kicks and rocked them in their performance of BEP songs straightaway.

The next day was the day of our event at Loveless to launch Taboo Deltah.  Loveless is one of Tokyo’s most breathtaking stores.  It’s three floors with a lofted lower level that allows for a spectacular shopping experience.  Last year, Taboo introduced me to the store as his favorite and it quickly became mine.  They carry one of a kind pieces and exclusive items.  So when Loveless agreed to launch Taboo Deltah, we were nothing short of thrilled.  We knew this was going to be sexy.  It began with a battery of press interviews.

Taboo Deltah Magnate and Victor Hsu, Chief Propagandist.

Yonehara Yasamusa, sickest photographer in Japan and Taboo.

Then a speech by Taboo aboard this hydraulic table that lifted him up to the chandelier.  Very epic.

Red Denizens are the best seller!!  Almost sold out.  Get into Loveless and cop the last few before they’re gone!!

Within an hour, 32 anxious fans purchased Deltahs in anticipation of the opportunity to meet Taboo and get an autograph.  It was a record day in sales of Taboo Deltahs!!  Sold like Deltahcakes!!  Busted out another 10 more pair the next day!

The shoes were beautifully and artfully merchandised as the centerpiece of the entire store.  LOOK HOW SICK THIS PLACE IS!!!!!!

TABOOXJUMPs still fresh as hell.


Yu Minato and I with the Loveless buying team.

It was a phenomenal experience.  Japan is truly a magical place.  Thank you Tokyo!!

Tab brings the Vantage to the UK

It looks like the Vantage has become the go to shoe for all the celebs out there.  For those who want to rock a boot with a comfort of a sneaker, it’s THE shoe.  Here’s Tab leaving the studio after X Factor.

Shout out from Taboo on the new BEP album, The Beginning

Also listen to the end of the track, The Coming, where Taboo gives us another shout out.  “Laced up branded shoes Jumpin off like Deltah blue.”  Pretty dope!!


Check out some coverage of JUMP on some great TV networks.

Here’s Taboo at Bloomingdale’s SoHo discussing TABOOXJUMP with Paula Garces (from Harold and Kumar) on mun2.

Here’s Jay Sean from his feature on BET’s Rising Icons as he shops JUMP SOHO.

Taboo Deltah 3008

JUMP is very happy to announce the launch of Taboo Deltah 3008 available at taboodeltah.com.

Become a fan on Facebook.

Joins us tomorrow as Taboo Deltah 3008 officially launches at Foot Action in Madison Square Garden.

New York, NY. July 29, 2010 – Fresh off his first collaboration with JUMP, Taboo, of the 6-time Grammyâ Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artists, The Black Eyed Peas, has once again partnered with JUMP to launch Taboo DeltahTM 3008, his own collection of footwear for Foot Action stores nationwide in Fall 2010.

“Taboo and I have traveled across the world to both design and promote, initially, the TABOOXJUMP collaboration and now, the Taboo DeltahTM 3008 collection.” says Victor Hsu, Chief Propagandist at JUMP. “The relationship between Taboo and JUMP has not only grown stronger, but our understanding of how to best utilize his design aesthetic and lifestyle appeal has also evolved. You will find all these elements very evident in this new collection, both in its design and branding, and I’m very proud and excited for its launch.”

The Taboo DeltahTM sneakers combine Taboo’s unique taste with the Black Eyed Peas’ 3008 futurism. The three dynamic styles: the Diction low-top, the Denizen mid-top and the Delegate super high-top merge performance and versatility in a variety of colors.  Priced between $65 and $85, they are highly accessible for sneaker aficionados looking for footwear that is contemporary and fresh but also very wearable.  For Foot Action, it is an exclusive partnership that is the impetus of an initiative to bring the lifestyle-seeking customer to their stores, which until now have been largely geared towards purely athletic footwear.

As the designer, Taboo made it a point to develop shoes that provide cushion and support for dancing with a stylish and aggressive silhouette. The Taboo DeltahTM 3008 collection uses smooth, clean lines with a simple yet powerful ballistic nylon and patent exterior. “In 3008, there will be no war, race or turmoil. That is where Deltah 3008 comes from,” says Taboo. “I remember not being able to afford the cool shoes everyone had when I was a kid so for my own brand I wanted to create something amazing that everyone can afford.” Taboo refers to himself as a “sneaker pimp” with his own collection topping 700 pairs.

Here’s the video shot by Decon.  Taboo Deltahs CAN’T BE STOPPED.

Diction Low Top.

The Denizen Mid Top.

The Delegate Super Hightop.

Revolve x Jump x Taboo

Last Wednesday we threw a sexy event at Revolve Clothing on Melrose in LA.  I was scheduled to leave the day before but of course, I missed my flight.  The only flight I could get was the exact same flight the next day.  So I did it and had my homie Tito pick me up from LAX and go straight to Revolve.  Good times.






Here’s Chris from American Rebel and Steeve and Donna from Connected.



Here’s Chris Rose from American Rebel.




Here’s Jason from American Rebel and Brent on the right, buyer for Revolve.




There’s Deb snapping away for her Hypebeast blog!


And then I finally got there.



And then Taboo got there!


And I presented him with the prototypes of the new TABOOXJUMPs for Fall 10.



Deb with Peas’ stylist Lor-E Phillips, who was actually the one who spawned this whole thing 2 years ago!


Tab with his fam.







It was a really dope crowd.



Me with Tito, Sam and his girlfriend.


There’s Victor from Connected.




Interview with SoJones.com

Footwear Spotlight: JUMP


Article written by: Asmara Wreksono
Posted on: July 20, 2010

Taiwan is invading the world with its dopeness. SoJones.com is honored to bring its readers closer to the brand that has been influencing footwear trends in over 30 countries. From Europe to USA, Jump is rocked by the most important names in fashion and entertainment industry. To know more about Jump, SoJones talked to Victor Hsu, Chief Propagandist for Jump USA, Inc.

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started?
I’m Victor Hsu, the Chief Propagandist for Jump USA, Inc. Originally in the early 70s, we were one of the first Taiwanese trading companies for big American brands. In 1975, after having successfully developed an unprecedented measure of production for several American brands, Jump and subsequently Travel Fox were formed as one of the first Taiwanese brands to make the move from manufacturer to brand. Jump quickly became one of the most well known sneaker brands in Asia and in the 80s and 90s began it’s expansion move to the rest of Asia, Europe and Latin America. Travel Fox actually had become quite popular in the US and England for its colorful kicks. In the early 2000s, Harry Chen, the owner of Jump was hired by Steve Madden to build a men’s division. In it’s second year, it had become a 50 million dollar business. By 2007, Harry decided it was time to bring Jump to the US which was when I was hired. Utilizing my background as a merchant at Lord and Taylor and product development at Express, we completely repositioned Jump to become relevant for the American consumer, opening a store in SoHo and growing our distribution to high end retailers like Saks and Bloomingdale’s. Jump has since entered into a variety of interesting collaborations, most notably with Black Eyed Peas’ singer, Taboo.

Describe this season’s theme for your line. Include any sources of inspiration (examples: 80’s punk, muses like Amber Rose, 70’s disco bands, Run DMC, etc)
For Fall ‘10, we’ve made a return to the great outdoors. When we relaunched Jump to become Jump Deluxe, we had been one of the first brands to go aggressive with patents. We now make a return to nature, with very clean and sober materials in neutrals and gum soles with gold accents on the eyelets and lacetaps. New for the brand are our Goodyear welted boot constructions taking a bold step to diversify our product offering.

Any product placements on celebs to keep an eye out for (examples: publicity photos, magazines, movies, music videos etc)
With our store in SoHo, we are in constant contact with celebs and sometimes develop intimate relationships on collaborations as was done so with Taboo. Keep an eye out for Jay Sean, Jason Derulo and Kevin Rudolf. Tom Cruise has recently become the owner of a pair of Jump Deluxe boots.

Taboo shows off Taboo X Jump collaboration box
Greg Gunberg of “Heroes”
Jay Sean rockin’ Jump Shoes
Peter Facinelli of Twilight rockin Jump shoes

What has been a surprise fashion hit for you over the last year?
While the Vanquish high top, an adaptation of one of our 80s Travel Fox hits, had been traditionally our key silhouette, its low top , the Ventus have become increasingly strong for us.

What apparel trends are you really feeling this year?
I’m an accessories guy so I keep an eye out for interesting necklaces, bracelets and rings. I like wood and ethnic/spiritual things.

What fashion trend would you like to see thrown overboard?
I think I’d be a bit pretentious to answer this one – it’s all subjective and someone might want to throw me overboard for some of the things I wear!

What is/was one of your own most prized fashion pieces, past or present?
I have a navy linen shirt from Sisley with double breasted pockets and sleeves that roll up and button that I’ve worn since college and it’s become so worn that the collar curls up and the linen is so thin. I absolutely love it.

TuPac or Biggie?

Jump shoes are available at Revolveclothing.com and here are some of our recommendations from its newest collection, with a price range from $188 up to $288.  For the full collection and sneak previews on what’s to come, check their blog at jumpshoes.wordpress.com.

Jump X Taboo Zeto, $288

Jump Poseidon, $198



Revolve x Jump

In its first event on the West Coast, Jump has decided to commemorate the launch of its Fall 2010 collection at Revolve Clothing, one of the sexiest stores both on and offline in LA.  The party will be hosted by Taboo, himself and proceeds will go to the LULAC organization to promote positive social and economic changes for the Hispanic American community.  They are carrying the full collection of the new Poseidon and Parlay boat shoes as well as some of our classics.

Shop here!

JUMP takes its first step into Africa for the World Cup.

Proudly on the feet of none other than Taboo.

06/09/10 – The Black Eyed Peas at the Opening Ceremony Press Conference at Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Too bad John Legend wasn’t wearing his Black Patent Croco Vanquish.  He has the same pair!


Japanese TV is pretty crazy as you can see in this video.  Taboo discusses the history of BEP, his experience in China developing the TABOOXJUMP line and shows off some of his own brand of Kung Fu dancing.  In Japan, SMAP x SMAP is the biggest group out there and have been for years with their own variety show.  The Peas have a long standing relationship with the group and always go on their show when they’re in Japan.  Unfortunately they weren’t taping SMAP x SMAP while we were there but they were taping BABY SMAP, an offshoot of the show that airs within the SMAP x SMAP show.  Yea it’s kind of confusing.  Nonetheless, we were very impressed with the professionalism in which this interview was done and how it was shot.  The producers and crew were totally cool guys and I hope our paths cross again.

Here’s the Peas with Shingo Katori, one of the members of SMAP x SMAP at the opening of his off Broadway show at NYU, Talk Like Singing.

Taboo, Kanye, Guetta

Here’s a pic Tab sent me of Kanye giving props to him and David Guetta on the TABOOXJUMPs backstage at the concert.  The shoes are sexy bitch.


It’s always a pleasure to have the Peas in NY because I know it means a lot of JUMPIN INTO AKSHUN.  Hahaha – a phrase we coined out in Asia.  Taboo invited me to his concert and I thought I’d bring along my favorite buyers Liz and Cara from Bloomingdales, Chris and Lillian from Barneys and Louis DMM from Saks.  The concert was ridiculously sick and pounded your senses with visuals on top of heavy hitting songs.  It opened up with LMFAO who were all wearing TABOOXJUMPs and Luda.  Then led into the Peas with an interlude by David Guetta who dropped some of his sick tracks turning the place into a club.  When I Gotta Feeling came on, you could feel the stadium shaking beneath your feet.  It was a total experience but what was the most dope thing about it all for me was all the nods to JUMP during the concert!!  Taboo welcomed everyone to the concert saying how cool NYC is because of this place and that place and JUMP!!  Later on he comes out brushes off his TABOOXJUMPs and tells everyone he’s about to JUMP INTO AKSHUN with TABOOXJUMPs in stores now.  Later on during Will.I.Am’s DJ set, he plays JUMP by House of Pain.  And as if that weren’t enough, there was the after party at M2 which made the following day a rough one but we had to power through it as we had interviews lined up at Bloomingdale’s as they officially launch the TABOOXJUMP collection in their stores.

Meet and greet with buying teams and BEP.


The performance begins.

Fergie’s outfits were crazy.

After party was dope.

The interview with Mun2 was tough…because we was all hungover.  Hahaha.  But Paula Garces (Maria from Harold and Kumar) did a great job probing Tab about the collabo.  And I must say, Bloomingdale’s did one hell of a job with their visual!

Afterwards we hit up the store of course and Taboo hooked Paula up with an autographed pair!  Lucky girl.  Now she can obsess over it.  Haha.


We interrupt this Asia Tour recap for some pictures of Taboo at the Grammy’s wearing blinged out TXJ^Z Zetos.





TABOOXJUMP ASIA TOUR 2010 Part 2: Hong Kong

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write about this portion of my trip but maybe it’s because there were some demons I had to overcome about Hong Kong.  Namely the fact that we destroyed that city that night we were there and it in turn destroyed us back.  Well I suppose I’ve also been rather busy stateside.  As if China wasn’t already crazy enough, we now had Hong Kong at the toes of our TABOOXJUMPs.  We arrived there in the afternoon and it wasn’t long after we checked into Hotel LKF that we were off to Roxie for the big event.

It was a sexy venue and May Wong had done quite a nice job getting things organized for us!

And then the interviews began.  Before the actual event, we did about 2 hours of interviews with HK press, everyone from The South China Morning Post to ATV.

More autographs.

Here’s Larry and some local HK celebs that attended the party.

Tab and me with Rin Kurana and Adrienne Lau.

And the three amigos zapatos.

Here’s us with Keith, buyer for D-Mop and also frontman for the band Goodfellas.

It’s not all Chinese people in HK.

Randomly these two showed up.  They went to high school with Larry and I.  I hadn’t seen Brian nor Denise in a few years.  The last time I woke up in a cab thinking my friend Hoan was her.  It was weird.

More of the gang from D-Mop including Rocky Fuk.  Very cool people and we’re really looking forward to shipping them very soon!!


Here’s May, PR organizer of the event.  She did a great job!

Tab and I with Eugene Kan, one of the founders of Hypebeast.

Bonnie and Samantha.

There were a lot of bottles.  Johnnie Walker of course.

Time for some words.

My eyes get weird when I talk.

We did a drawing of business cards for a free pair of TABOOXJUMPs.

And wouldn’t you know it.  The Hypebeast himself, Eugene Kan had dropped the lucky biz card.

People thought it was rigged, so we did another drawing.

And here’s the lucky gentleman.

And at the end of the night it always comes to this.

We would find ourselves at a famous Hong Kong restaurant at 5 am eating beef tendons.  It was wonderful.  The next day we had to bounce outta HK.  It was time for the final and what would be the biggest leg of our trip.  JAPAN.  Fortunately, we cruised the airport in style.

People Magazine interviews Taboo about TABOOXJUMP collection

Another great interview with Taboo.  Click the image to check it out.

Giuliana Rancic features TABOOXJUMP on her 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

The TABOOXJUMP collection is available at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations in New York, Beverly Hills, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Bala Cynwood.

If you would like to order a pair, please email info@jumpcorp.com.


We were talking to Taboo about how he collects his sneakers and he told us that everywhere he travels in the world, he picks up a pair of limited sneakers from whichever locale he’s in.  We thought it’d be cool to hook him up with a special pair of one-offs for every country he goes to perform.  Check out Mexico.

With our capabilities in production, we’re able to come up with stuff lightning speed.  We are the roadrunners of the shoe business.  They’re kind of sick huh?  It’s mean to look like the Mexican flag with Taboo’s logo replacing the crest in the middle.  These are the Zemas, a new style coming out next season, studded in rhinestones particularly for stage performance.

NY Mag interviews Taboo at Saks Fifth Ave.

Offering further evidence that JUMPs are the best sneakers to dance in, Taboo shows Sharon Clott how he dances in his TABOOXJUMPs.  Click to see the video.

Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas recently launched a sneaker collaboration with the Chinese brand Jump. We caught up with the singer last week at Saks Fifth Avenue, where his shoes are sold for $298 a pair, to check out the collection and see if they’re going to be a good grab this holiday season. If nothing else, the kicks are as shiny as Christmas ornaments, made with four different metallic colors — gold and red, silver, gray, and patent black. They are also covered with zippers, “for people who want to stash certain things,” Taboo says, like candy … or drugs. The Pea, who calls himself a “Sneaker Pimp” and owns over 600 pairs of sneakers himself, also showed us how easy it is to skip and dance in sneakers as opposed to stilettos, particularly doing a move called “rejecting.” And just like we thought, rejection — dancing or otherwise — is tough. See more in the video.

Congratulations to the Peas on the 6 Grammy Nominations!!

Check out Taboo wearing the Stunts!  On sale on Endless.com

Taiwan United Daily News reports TABOOXJUMP Collaboration

Get it at Mitsukoshi!!