Jump has a new voice.

Hello the internet,

I am Jump, a brand of shoes “for the people”. We urge people to be daring, to try something they might not normally try in our shoes. Our fashion is world-class (global design team), but our pricepoints are affordable ($100-$250). Take a look at our latest collection for men and women. As you will see, we have something for everyone. These styles will hit stores in about a month. The full collection will be on display and sold at our living showroom, the SoHo boutique at 89 Spring St. (between Broadway and Mercer) in NYC.

This blog will be a channel to relate all the various aspects of our brand and for people to interact with us. It’s an exciting young brand that exists beyond the realm of shoes. We travel, we laugh, we sing and now, we will write about it all. I hope you will join us on this adventure as we build our brand.


One response to “Jump has a new voice.

  1. but i have seen some other styles of JUMP Footwear!

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