So we’re going back.  As if once a month weren’t enough already – my liver is already trying to hide.

We’ll be at POOL booth #1118 and Project at 12131 12th Ave.

Come say high if you’ll be around.

Which reminds me that I never blogged about the last trip.  Here goes.

We introduced the ads in the trade pubs Footwear News and Footwear Plus.

The good ol’ booth at the convention center where we showed the regular Jump line.

Our suite at the Venetian where we showed Monderer for Jump (to hit our SoHo store soon) and our higher end Jump collection to debut later in the year.

That silver shoe is cut from one piece of Italian leather.

Some kickass mocs.

Sneaker deluxe.


Uncle Harry and shoes for humanity.

It’s become tradition to hit up the same Chinese restaurant every show.  Notice the chicken head.

And the abundance of Tsingtao Beer.

And the chicken head has landed onto Bree’s lips.  She’s our rep in the west.

A Joy, Bree and chicken head triple kiss.

“Now that, I say, that I say was what I call heaven.”

Remember this guy?

I always liked him.  Now this is, I say, is just wrong.

And of course, Larry goes for the coxcomb.

The women of Jump.

The men of Jump.

Our distributor and brother, Daniel and his wife Melanie from Montreal.

Uncle James and Uncle Harry.

Harry loves to perform his psychoanalysis tests during dinner.

Our last night in Vegas.

This is like the megatouch game.

With Jorge of SWEAR shoes.

Lawrence with Stephanie and our German distributor Thuy.

And that was that.  We went to LA after.  We’ll be there again after this trip.


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