When I first started going there, it just felt really superficial and annoying that I couldn’t get around anywhere without driving.  Though the more I’ve started going, the more I’ve grown to appreciate it – the food, the beautiful girls, the weather has begun to take a place in my soul. Maybe when I have kids I’ll move there.

I rented a space at the Connected Showroom to show the JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE Fall line and it definitely was the right place to show. The people, energy, vibe and other brands there were spot on in terms of what JUMP represents. Everything is a scene in LA and fashion certainly is one of them so it was nice to sort of explore that realm out there.


Yuichi and Paquito holdin down Joyrich – another kick ass LA based brand.

It was also dope to reconnect with my homeboy, Sung Kang, whose movie, Fast and Furious 4 comes out next week. From what he’s told me, it’s going to be completely sick and make the third one look like a film school project. We had the chance to talk and I think we have some really cool projects coming down the pipeline.

I also got to meet up with my publicists, American Rebel PR, whom I’ve just begun working with.  Think we’ll do some great things together also.

What I’ve come to realize is that perhaps the most challenging and subsequently most exciting aspect of this gig of building a brand is that there really isn’t any sort of presets in terms of how you’re supposed to do your job.  When I worked on the buying side, there’s a sort of formula or general sort of approach that you take and you just do it and replicate season upon season.  I’m finding that in this game, everything has to always be new and you can’t simply rely on how you did it last season.  There’s so many little moving parts and once you can understand how you can utilize each of these mechanisms and put it together, you get a fully operational super machine, like when the small Transformers all got together to form Ultra Magnus.  Of course, at the end of the day, when you’re product is fresh, all those gears get that extra grease and it almost propels itself.


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