Any legit sneakerhead remembers Travel Fox.  We first introduced the Vanquish in the 80s under the Travel Fox brand (see black and white ad).  Travel Fox was part of manufacturer turned brand powerhouse, Hongson’s stable of brands that included JUMP.  It became hugely popular in the US for it’s colorful sneakers and racy advertising.



Back then, we’d sold hundreds of thousands of pairs off the Vanquish construction so we thought we’d reincarnate it with our crazy ass materials and on our new last as part of JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE and KA-POW!  It’s become one of the most sought after shoes from our retailers and will be hitting stores next week.  Sometimes, a classic is just a classic.  Get these killers at Bloomingdale’s and at the SoHo store.

Green/Purple Reflex Patent


Black/Silver Kid Crystal


Violet Patent Croco


Grey Ivis Patent


Grey Nappa


Black Nappa


White Wrinkled Oily Patent


Black Wrinkled Oily Patent


We’ll have these for women’s soon!!!


22 responses to “VANQUISH

  1. wooooow, yesss!!!! I’ve been waiting for the vanquish for months! and now is here:D dream fulfilled! thank you Jump! best shoe ever!!!!

  2. I love this store.. I have purchased about 5 pieces of footwear from here! Love it!!!

  3. Oh my! I remember my brothers and cousins rocking these back in the day. They had them in all types of colors and wore them with matching silk button up shirts. LOL.

  4. i love these shoes

  5. OK, I’ll bite – is it possible to get these shoes other than at Bloomies?

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  7. Hello, my name is Bobby I am a industry stylist request for quality product placement for my client that will be on BET 106 & PARK June 30th and also will be the house band for BET 106 PARK. The group name is HEED and is signed to EMI RECORDS which will be announced on the which will air on the July 1st. Feel free to contact me when you get a chance as this matter is very time sensative.



  9. Will they be re-releasing the suede Travel Fox with the THIIIIIIICK rubber soles!?!? I remember back in the day we used to call them Bally or Clark knockoffs, but I didn’t give a damn, those were the most versatile pair of shoes that I’ve ever owned, you could wear them damn shoes with damn near anything…

  10. Is there anyway possible to get a pair of the mens shoes in the “very 2nd” photo from the top? The photo with the man and the woman in it. I LOVED Travel Fox

  11. i live in germany I’m an MC at big raves and outdoor events…i grew up on Travel Fox in the Caribbean and I’ve been lookin for a pair for years now…how can i get them over here????..need a pair of black and a pair of white….HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!????
    email me QUICK!!!

  12. vickie vinnie storm

    dear sir do you sell the travel fox trainer fron the 90s leather white blue green red THANKYOU XXX

  13. Tangela Jackson

    wher could I buy a pair of travel fox shoes

  14. i am looking for a pair of travel fox any condition i’m going to pay big bucks email me if anyone has a pair

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  16. i’m desparate to find some 80s travel fox i had the white with the snakeskin trim they’re the fattest trainers i ever had!i’m looking for them or the white with red,green and yellow in a 4 to 6 uk size please help!

  17. any retailers about 77477, houston, tx?

  18. can you all pleeeaseeee bring back the ORIGINAL Travel fox shoes?? you have a generation that grew up on them and a new one that would love the chance to say they own one!!!!

  19. anybody have a copy of the tv commercial for Travel Fox? I had no idea it was on youtube until too late. By chance anybody download it? Any help would be appreciated.

  20. Can u send me list of all the travel fox or jump u have or a site where I can get them

  21. Hayden Thomas

    I would like to know where can I get a pair of brown snake skin Travie f*** sneakers size 11

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