Glenn Tilbrook X Culture Catch X Ed Bennett

On Sunday, I was invited to my friend, John’s mom Shirley’s birthday party at Trump Tower on the West Side. Shirley herself is a fun lady and she had quite a few interesting guests at her party, one of whom was a gentleman named Ed Bennett. After speaking to him for a bit, I learned he was one of the founders of VH1. He invited me over to his house in the West Village to check out a live feed recording he would be doing with Glenn Tilbrook from the 80s Brit band, Squeeze. They had hits like Tempted and Pulling Mussels from a Shell.  This is from one of his concerts.

So I went to check it out and sweet baby Jesus, Ed’s place was by far the sickest pad I’d ever seen in Manhattan.  When he bought the place 9 years ago, it was a little two car auto repair garage and he basically took it apart, kept the facade and rebuilt it into a 5 story house.  It’s there where he runs Bennett Media Studio where he records artists, has performances and even hosts art exhibitions.  We met Glenn and introduced him to JUMP and he loved it.  He makes it work with a suit eh?  He’s wearing the Vaine in Graphite Patent.


Check out Ed’s pad.




Glenn’s an excellent and rather funny performer.  The whole thing was orchestrated by Culture Catch who did a quick interview/Q&A with him and will be posting it on their site.


After the performance he came to the store to buy another pair of Monderer for Jump for himself and a pair for his wife.


I don’t know how to smile.



One response to “Glenn Tilbrook X Culture Catch X Ed Bennett

  1. Victor, Thanks for adding some fashion sizzle to our event. We’ll be expanding on our Music Salons at CC Center to include art, film, spoken word, theater, and more. Loving my new patent leather kicks you brought me. I’ll be wearing them when I interview our next smart culture guest!

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