NYU ACE Fashion Show

IMG_0517 by you.

Some of my fondest memories from college were MC’ing these fashion shows that clubs at NYU would put on.  So when the opportunity came up to sponsor ACE’s this year with JUMP, I was more than happy to accept.  They did a very nice job putting it together and in fact, we were the only shoe brand to be featured alongside clothing from Hyden Yoo, INVEN.TORY and Porsche Design.  Check out the pics and my lousy photography skills.

DSC_0778 by you.
Playing around with exposure.
DSC_0780 by you.
They’re wearing Hyden Yoo and the Steely in White and Grey Patent.
DSC_0789 by you.
That’s Ran’s friend, Mayumi from Japan, myself, Herman and Lizzie.
DSC_0810 by you.
Ran and Mayumi.
DSC_0811 by you.
Vaine in Graphite Patent.
DSC_0841 by you.
She was posing for me.
DSC_0843 by you.
Vague in Navy Patent.
DSC_0950 by you.
They played our short films with Sung.
DSC_0856 by you.
DSC_0873 by you.
Volume in White.
DSC_0896 by you.
Vague in Taupe Patent.
DSC_0899 by you.
Vigor in White Patent.
DSC_0908 by you.
I quite liked how he wore it flared like that.
DSC_0911 by you.
This is my boy John, wearing his own pair of the Vague in Graphite Patent.
DSC_0977 by you.
Those are some tight pants.
DSC_0978 by you.
It was a cool show.  It’s nice to contribute back to my alma mater!

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