Culture Catch X Henry Butler X The Sopranos

henry_B&W by you.
After having met Dusty Wright (the man behind Culture Catch) and Ed Bennett (founder of VH1) at my friend’s mom’s birthday party (random, but cool), they kindly invited me to their Culture Catch events.  Each of which have been very intimate invitation-only performances held at some amazing townhouse or some other crazy loft.  Last week’s was at the residence of Joe Scarpinito in Tribeca.  The event featured Henry Butler, a blind pianist from New Orleans.  I introduced him to the Monderer for Jump Gatsby in Black Dentelle and when he started feeling it, he was immediately impressed.  He could tell through his hands that it was a special shoe.
HBCC6 by you.
Also in attendance were a host of characters from The Sopranos, notably Michael Imperioli who made the introduction for Henry and who also flipped for the Vanquish Grey Nappa.
henry_live by you.
His performance was amazing.  The things he was doing with that piano without the ability to see was breathtaking.  Must’ve been the shoes.  Check out Complex’s writeup on him.
victor_henry by you.
My hair’s shorter now.
DSC_1018 by you.
My homies, Ed and Dusty.
norena_michael_dusty by you.
That’s Norena, Henry’s manager, Michael, his wife Victoria and Dusty.
DSC_1016 by you.
The caterer was wearing one of our shoes from last season, completely unsolicited.
DSC_1013 by you.
Dope view from the roof.
DSC_1011 by you.
Joe had quite a collection of artwork.  I recognized this piece from a Chinese artist, Yue Minjun.  As usual, it was quite a unique event.  I’m certainly looking forward to the next one!

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