I heart the VANQUISH.

I’m obviously a JUMP marketer and I almost only wear JUMP exclusively, with the exception of my Y-3s, Visvim and Double Identitys, but without any bit of being an Al Bundy shoe salesman, I have to say that the Vanquish, in all honesty, is quite frankly one of the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever worn.  In fact, whenever I’m at the store, I have people try it on purely for the satisfaction of seeing the reaction on their faces after they put it on!  It’s a construction that’s been proven in the 80s and since we’ve adjusted our toespring, it’s made all the difference.  So here’s some commentary on the pairs I own.  Hehe.

I own the Ivis Patent in Grey.


We’ve done pearlized patent before, but this one actually is different in that instead of having that automobile finish sort of sparkle, it’s more flat but with very inlaid hues of green and pink.  For the longest time I’ve been on a grey kick.  I love anything grey, and I’m still not sure why.  So when I got this sample back, I knew it was going to be one of the first ones I’d wear.  The material was actually almost impossible to find but in the end, we made it happen.

I also own the Grey Nappa.


Harry had told me what sold in the 80s was the really soft nappa leathers that we used.  Having introduced JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE in all patents, this is the first model where we strayed from that initial statement.  When I first got this sample and felt it, it felt like nothing I’d ever felt before.  It literally felt like butter.  So when I put it on, it was like wearing a slipper.  I really could not believe how soft it was and really, why other shoe brands hadn’t used anything like this before? We’ll be bringing in a host of other colors in the nappa very soon.  I’ll keep you posted!

But beyond the materials, there’s something about the construction that makes it really wearable shoe.  In some regards it’s quite basic as a laceup, basketball looking high top but it’s the devil in the details that make it interesting.  The wideset laces, the straight-aligned perfs, the height, the padded tongue and the padding around the collar.  We’ve also priced it at $188 to make it more accessible.  I’d urge anyone to, at the very least, try on this shoe.  I hope this didn’t read as one big marketing message.  I guess it’s tough for the sales/marketing guy to review his own product and sound objective.  Ha!


One response to “I heart the VANQUISH.

  1. Next time I wanna hear a review from the mental state of the shoe itself. Also, this makes me wanna buy a pair of reebok pumps, for the cushioned feel, but alas, a contemporary version with a fresh look—JUMP. I think I’ll splurge. Just keep in mind, I’m the Dean of Shoes……..

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