Culture Catch X The Takeover UK

DSC_0185 by you.

I had the unique opportunity to stop by The Center (otherwise the residence and creative compound of Ed Bennett) and enjoy a live performance as part of Culture Catch by The Takeover UK, a young band out of Pittsburgh.  It’s always cool to see performances at Ed’s place because he’s got a variety of “venues” even in his own home.  This time, the guys performed in his living room and it was totally dope.  It was all acoustic and I was struck by the unique way in which they were able to harmonize three singers in all their songs.  Beyond their harmonic abilities, they and their music had all the trappings of an “it” pop/rock band.  In other words, they’re really fucking good.  It was live streamed on ustream and was also filmed and recorded for Quicktime on the Apple website.  I’ll post it up when it becomes available.  And of course they had to be wearing JUMP.

There’s Dusty and the band.

DSC_0119 by you.
Derek’s wearing the Vanquish Grey Ivis Patent and Josh is wearing the Vague Taupe Patent.
DSC_0125 by you.
DSC_0131 by you.
Nick on piano.
DSC_0137 by you.
Josh enjoying a book on Kitchens.
DSC_0140 by you.
DSC_0152 by you.
DSC_0178 by you.
They stopped by the SoHo store to hang out for a bit before heading out to a photo shoot.  Got themselves some shoes!  Here’s Nick, Mark, Derek and Josh.  They left a bunch of their EPsat the store so stop by and nick one for your listening pleasure.
DSC_0186 by you.
I liked these guys so much that we’re talking about doing an in-store acoustic performance the next time they’re in town.  Sometime in July.  Keep you guys posted.  They have a pretty funny blog too.  Here’s one of their videos.
Their song was also used for the Castle promo.
It’s actually quite interesting to meet these different types of artists and see how they can make JUMP their own.  It’s a testament to the diversity of the brand that Busta Rhymes can look sick wearing them and a drummer from a band like The Takeover UK can look just as good in them.

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