Boom Boom Pow at the American Idol Finale

Ever since JUMP started making cameos on the show, I had become an avid viewer of the show and, wow, what an amazing upset on the finale.  Congratulations to Kris!  It certainly was quite a season and I was so certain that Adam was going to take it but I guess it’s a testament to the preferences of America at large.  Nonetheless, the Peas were definitely rocking JUMP during their performance of Boom Boom Pow last night!

Picture 2

It’s such a strange coincidence.  They start wearing JUMP on Idol all the time.  Then the Peas start wearing the shoes everywhere.  Now Black Eyed Peas wear them on American Idol.  I guess it all makes sense – the #1 show on TV, the #1 band on the charts and the #1 shoe brand!  Hahahaha.


That is one hell of an outfit on Fergie.


The Vanquish in Black Silver Kid Crystal is available at eModa and Bloomingdale’s.


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