It’s been the most exciting FFANY show ever.

FFANY  stands for Fashion Footwear Association of New York.  It’s like the mini fashion week for shoes.  Honestly, it’s not usually very exciting though I hear in the old days it was something else.  However, this season’s has been something special.  It started when I received some shoes I’d been waiting for night and day for weeks.  We’ve had and continue to have amazing success with the Vanquish in all the beautiful materials.  A while back when I’d met Taboo and The Black Eyed Peas, he mentioned we should do a collabo.  Light bulbs flickering and Boom Boom Pow, I kindly asked Larry to put some of our best materials on our newest and soon to be hottest style, the Zeto for Tab.  And boy did he deliver.  Here are the results.



And Captain Lawrence outdoes himself again.  So after what turned out to be a really productive afternoon (read wine and cheese consumption) at the showroom with Zappos, I had to meet Taboo at the store to present him with these shoes for our project and on the way I saw Shawn Pean, my buyer from Saks waiting for a cab with two of his colleagues so Marco, Chris and I scooped him and his crew up in the Jumpmobile (an old school Benz ML).  Mind you, I had only seen these the day before and so they were truly making their debut but of course I had to show Shawn and of course, he loved them!  More light bulbs and we we decided we’d have to do an event with BEP at Saks and introduce these looks there.  Brilliance.

When we got the store, Taboo showed up and we showed him the new illness.  He literally said, “OH FUHSCHNIZZLES.”  Just kidding.  He said something else and was totally floored.  I told him about introducing our collab at Saks and he was all over it.


There he is in the throne wearing the Zeto in Grey Ivis Patent and Nappa.


Here he is with the Green Purple Reflex Patent and something dope combo I don’t even know what to call yet.


And of course, here’s the whole team.


This is going to be a long post.  Afterwards we had our company dinner at Antique Garage down the road and as you can see here, had a great time as usual.

Harry, our CEO is crazy.  Gotta love him.

DSC_0545 by you.
DSC_0572 by you.
DSC_0533 by you.
DSC_0570 by you.
DSC_0574 by you.
DSC_0551 by you.
And then the shots happened.
DSC_0581 by you.
DSC_0583 by you.

After that we hit up Richie Rich’s party for Chris Coffee at Garden in the Sky at the Cooper Square Hotel.  Great party, open bar and the weather was perfect for it.  I’d been wondering what the building was.  It’s got a really interesting design.

So last night we hit up the Black Eyed Peas album release party at Griffin (old PM) in Meatpacking which was another dope party.  Taboo was kind of enough to put me on the list to an otherwise completely exclusive event.  Top shelf open bar and we saw just about every celebrity in the world there and I got to introduce Shawn and the Saks crew to the Peas.  Great karma.

Picture 2

Kanye rolled thru.

Picture 5

Rihanna came too and later performed with them onstage.

Picture 4

Tab introduced me to Fergie who was a sweetheart.

Picture 3

Wilmer Valderrama had come to the store earlier that day and wore our boots!


Picture 6

It was an interesting couple of days.  Now I need some rest!


3 responses to “It’s been the most exciting FFANY show ever.

  1. awesome! can’t wait for when you do the event here! 🙂

  2. sustainableseafood

    You’ve come a long way Victor since the days of Dean.

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