Getting ready for China.


Each season, my partners, designers and I convene in China to develop and produce samples for the next season’s collection.  Each time, it’s an amazing experience as we get to collaborate between our European, Asian and American counterparts and the results always blow us away.

This time, I’d like to get YOU involved!  Leave a comment and let us know what sort of looks you’d like to see in the Spring 10 JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE line!!


8 responses to “Getting ready for China.

  1. I love shoes with a metallic look: bronze, copper, silver, brass. JUMP Volunteer & Vanquish are excellent.

  2. Reuben Rafanan

    I would love to see you bring back the retired collections. Got my first pair from a discount rack. didn’t know the name. I have to say, it’s my favorite pair. It just looks different in a very cool way. I wouldn’t mind getting another pair. I believe mine was the “Rare.” been looking but haven’t found any anywhere. You have a good thing going on here.

  3. cute girls’ kicks?

  4. the past year I’ve seen some pretty fancy, flashy footware from Jump. Maybe, in the coming seasons, you guys can go back to the basics and launch some simple white sneaks.

  5. Anything Orange…even the soles. Burnt orange to be more specific!

  6. thanks for the input guys! i took all these into account and have managed to make it all a part of the new collection.

  7. Hey, Vic,

    You need a limited-edition Culture Catch art shoe. We can get one of the artists we know to help design it.



  8. Let’s get Ron English!?

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