Picture 4

After what has been another amazing journey to shoe country, we are ready to unleash our new Spring 10 collection at the PROJECT NY show.  This time, it’ll be at the Lexington Avenue Armory, located at 68 Lexington Ave, between 25th and 26th St.  I thought we’d done pretty good for Fall but with what we’ve got coming for Spring, even I’m sort of in a bit of disbelief.  Some of the updates on the Vanquish and the Zeto are just phenomenal.  Though I suppose for any brand to continue to preserve it’s relevance and longevity, you simply have to keep outdoing yourself.

For this show, we’ve decided it’s time to throw a cocktail party at our SoHo store.  We would love to have you come, have a drink and a snack and also get an exclusive look at the new line.  Every time we have an event at the store, it turns into a minging mess of beauty.  It’s great.  Here’s the info.

invite front

invite back

And I leave you with this video from one of our shoe birthing facilities.  You can see the new Boa Patent Zetos.  Please don’t mind the language.  We were excited.  Haha.


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