This was quite flattering

Inside Retailing did a WORLD RETAIL STUDY TOUR and named JUMP as one of the world’s top 20 retailers.  Pretty cool.

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Five cities, 16 days…
Five cities, 16 days...

There’s no better time to discover the best of the best retailers than when economic conditions are at their worst….

Chopping malls
Chopping malls

If there’s a positive side to the dramatic impact of the Global Financial Crisis on US retailers, it’s the way it illustrates the strength of the industry in Australia…

Making the connection
Making the connection

Tomorrow’s leading shops must focus on connecting with customers, finding a niche and story-telling says a consultant who’s worked with the best…

Bricks & Portas
Bricks & Portas

Mary Portas is a retail consultant with her own television show Mary Queen of Shops, where she does to failing shops what Gordon Ramsay does to failing restaurants…

2010 tour taking off now…
Westfield is now accepting expressions of interest for the 2010 World Retail Study Tour.

1. The National Geographic

National Geographic’s 1800sqm London flagship store has been 120 years in the making…

2. Suit Supply

Savile Row is the home of fine tailoring for gentlemen in London.

3. Bergdorf Goodman

It’s probably the world’s most exclusive full-sized department store. But even dogs are welcome…

4. Who.A.U

Korean-based retailer Who.A.U has its sights clearly set on the corner of the fashion market dominated by Abercrombie & Fitch and its subsidiary brand Hollister.

5. Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands is cramped, crowded, bewildering – and almost impossible to categorise.

6. KaDeWe

Berlin department store KaDeWe (full German name Kaufhaus des Westens or ‘Department store of the West’ in English) has become a retail legend.

7. Atlantic crossover

The British have taken their edgy fashion franchise to New York and the result is a stunningly designed retail experience which has captured the hearts and wallets of New York shoppers.

8. Apple store

The basic concept of the Apple store may not be new, but the constant fine-tuning ensures it is still cited by presenters throughout the tour as the best of the best in experience, customer focus and image building.

9. Story boards

Story-telling is one of the recurring themes of this year’s Westfield World Retail Study Tour and nowhere is the concept more easily illustrated than in Timberland’s new London store in the Westfield London City.

10. Whole Foods

If there is a single gaping opportunity for a retail concept in Australia it’s the widening niche that Whole Foods fills.

11. All Saints

All Saints is a retail environment that could be described as part Dickensian London, part horror movie set.

12. Aeropostale

While its peers struggle to maintain sales, let alone any profitability, teen-focussed Aeropostale is trading off the scales.

13. Daimaru

Japan’s Daimaru may not have performed memorably in its decade-long foray into Australia which ended in 2003.

14. Swarovski

Glass is a material modern day designers love to work with.

15. Jump

On the surface, it’s as American as can be: edgily designed sports-inspired shoes, Soho chic and fashionably urban.

16. Restir

Restir is exclusive. Very exclusive.

17. Selfridges

Never has the word Pantone been promoted so boldly in the public domain.

18. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has many stores in Japan, where carrying one of its branded bags is almost a right of passage.

19. Uniqlo UT

Appliance stores anywhere in the world are all too often utilitarian and uninspiring.

20. Saturn, Berlin

Japanese t-shirt retailing brand turned broader affordable fashion house Uniqlo is one of Asia’s greatest retail innovators.


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