Jump 069

Amidst the socio-political unrest in Venezuela, lies a glimmering bastion of hope.  That glimmering bastion of hope is JUMP.  While we have our SoHo boutique, there exists a whopping eight JUMP stores in Venezuela.  Years ago, we had a particular shoe of which we had tremendous inventory on but just couldn’t sell it.  Yes, it happens to the best of us.  A rather young Jhonathan Jraiche happened to stumble upon this shoe at a tradeshow in Miami.  He went back to his father telling him he had to have this shoe in his store.  He placed the order and a few months later, we had to produce more of it just for him.  The shoe became so successful, it gave way to the opening of a store entirely devoted to JUMP.  Soon after, more stores popped up with the most recent in the resort island of Margarita.  It’s become one of Venezuela’s most well known women’s shoe brands and has recruited some of the most famous celebrities to represent JUMP.  The Venezuelan JUMP team recently took a trip to NYC and produced these commercials for VZ TV.

Here’s Marjorie DeSousa, Venezuela’s top soap star.

Here’s Norelys, famous Venezuelan model.


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