JUMP is very proud and excited to sponsor three of China’s biggest indie rock bands for the SING FOR CHINA event at Bennett Media Studios this Thursday.  Should be a lot of fun as is the norm with Culture Catch events.

Sing for China

Here’s some background on the bands.

Sing For China Logo

About the Bands


photo credit, Matthew Niederhauser

Hedgehog, powered by pint-size female drummer/vocalist Atom, represent the best of China’s rock scene. The band was a featured headliner at the Modern Sky Festival in 2008 and Strawberry Festival (Beijing) in May of 2009. Hedgehog’s 2006 debut Noise Hit World was a critic favorite in China, and their 2008 release Blue Day Dreaming helped catapult them to the top of the Chinese indie-rock world.

On SPIN Magazine’s website:
Strawberry Festival, Beijing:

Queen Sea Big Shark:

Queen Sea Big Shark

Expect a barrage of rock n’ roll-electro power punches from arguably the most ferocious rockers on the Beijing scene. QSBS rarely disappoints in delivering tight, raunchy instrumentation fronted by the frenetic, full-body assault of singer Fu Han, a woman seemingly possessed on stage. The band supported the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Modern Sky Festival (Beijing) in 2007 and recently headlined the Converse sponsored “Love Noise” tour in China (featured here on the Dazed and Confused website:

For more about QSBS, visit:

Casino Demon:

Casino Demon

Veering from raw, noisy guitar bursts to tight, rapid-paced assaults, Casino Demon during 2006 moved from the outskirts of the Beijing live music scene to the forefront. At heart, they’re a good-time rock n’ roll band that really like to crank it up. Casino Demon recently celebrated the release of their new album, Teenage, in March of 2009.


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