So I’m finally recovered enough to blog about the festivities from Thursday night.  It was an absolutely tremendous event, one that exceeded each and every one of my expectations.  After months of planning, to see it finally come to fruition is utterly rewarding.  It really was more of a ceremony, and as much as it was a launch for the TABOOXJUMP collaboration, it was also very much a rite of passage for our brand.  I cannot thank Taboo enough for helping us make this a reality.  We are so completely fortunate to have aligned at this moment in time and we’re truly blessed for it.

TabooXJump Store Evite

The evening began at our SoHo store.  We had all the traditional JUMP festival accoutrement, Serrano ham from Despana professionally sliced by Senor Alex and cases upon cases of champagne.

92992120_BA_4299_95CCCF350E245DF6B7D0EA46790706A7 by you.

92992120_BA_4317_8051227E0EB6B52F33D39DB4D0DA4C1E by you.

92992120_BA_4326_C3ABF30856BEBC3D69C6A2A41843A8FE by you.

Then the place got crazy.

92992120_BA_4331_324D2143F1662BC33AEA0549E071465B by you.

92992120_BA_4334_1138F7D5C770095056F99626F1809FB9 by you.

92992120_BA_4340_CEEE9F9722E4BA007158957137E5664E by you.

92992120_BA_4351_439EA80E626038FF5E2DAD64975ED003 by you.

92992120_BA_4357_20065D8B354BE1AE85786DC57C0D17C9 by you.

Taboo makes his grand entrance.

92992120_BA_4359_3AE4BC648DECF62A675C55A143B2D0D6 by you.

92992120_BA_4365_1C88FFABA342630E97AC2AC263CE235B by you.

The interesting thing about Taboo is how engaging he can be with people.  He is extremely down to earth and has become a brother amongst the JUMP team.  The personalities simply meshed and it’s only because of this that the whole thing coalesced into such an amazing collaboration.  He turned our counter into a stage that night.

92992120_BA_4377_D6F671AC923176117E328AE517A77633 by you.

92992120 by you.

92992120_BA_4419_2F89A34EBA5B7EB7BA13EAD596EAE4F3 by you.

92992120_BA_4411_3886624DFC4617047A915D95827C19AB by you.

After all the autographs were signed, the interviews taken, we were off to Juliet for the VIP after party.  The place looked heavenly.

TabooXJump Launch Evite

92992243_BA_4444_4607914AE307B1FC53F8760593487360 by you.

92992243_BA_4453_851B3AE20AF66314C51FA6E1E30F469D by you.

92992243_BA_4465_6AD48866E44329E2871C3D4B018B16DB by you.

92992243_BA_4493_3093876CABFE8880D60E1B2454F5BBD2 by you.

92992243_BA_4488_82E67340E968270F35546A23D67DD6E7 by you.

92992243_BA_4513_4DC4970E5ECD5E7422253595EDF5CF00 by you.

92992243_BA_4505_7BB500DAF932009C5CE1242D522E11BA by you.

92992243_BA_4514_13B9E0F3D24C30F85373B7C3E8D031CF by you.

Then people started rolling in.  DJ Atrak and Kim Stolz from America’s Next Top Model.

92992243_BA_4530_6A6219B2EA7A4E21C45D0691D3D81234 by you.

Lance Bass

92992243_BA_4522_0F1E13FEE8DAA22AC651848B087BB6F8 by you.

And the guests of honor, The Black Eyed Peas.

92992243_BA_4553_3687F413D9D5E44BB391F50F1DF64E38 by you.

Just prior to coming to Juliet, they had made it to another red carpet for the opening of Shingo Katori’s “Talk Like Singing”.  Shingo is huge in Japan and is a member of SMAP.  Taboo had presented him with a pair of the TXJ shoes and of course, he put them on right away!

IMG_0698 by you.

It’s cool how the red works with the red carpet.

92992243_BA_4584_88ABF75AEBF48F0556C70B0F8219E9B2 by you.

Fergie came to support and we had a chance to chat about her shoe line!

92992243_BA_4607_01163FD12F607E3CA6D3F90760D82CF2 by you.


92992243_BA_4638_5CEF1C25E02F998694C4FC87943A3E2D by you.


92992243_BA_4651_E1D8C870E9D075EE71B76BBC92E85AB8 by you.

We had our chance to get in front of the cameras as well.

92992243_BA_4682_0EBF0D8A95C4877779740246BF067CB7 by you.

And this was later on Entertainment Tonight!  Nobu, owner of Cactus Blues who just starting repping the line in Japan, me, Taboo, Shawn our Saks Buyer and Harry CEO of JUMP.

IMG_0708 by you.

In the VIP room.

92992243_BA_4699_4A76C87F14E854B4B9D1593367D296C5 by you.

My buddy Richie Rich came too! He’s a good friend of Fergie’s.

92992243_BA_4726_E0CF94892AB7FC86863778DF3D32763F by you.

Fergie wants us to make them in womens so she can get hers.  Done!

92992243_BA_4708_7B957FD37168CFE4998C244DA8DFFF97 by you.

Will kept himself busy DJing some wicked tracks.

92992243_BA_4739_A9FD32AF1013EB2BC71C0A8E9628B77F by you.

This is a great picture, unfortunately they only managed to capture the Chinese portion of Herman.

92992243 by you.

A huge thanks to Taboo and all his people for supporting this event.  Really big thanks to BMF Media and Fingerprint Communications.  Also to our staff for all their hard work in preparing and to all our friends from Saks, Bloomingdale’s, our retail partners and the media for making this big!  This was a historical life/brand changing moment and I’m so happy could share it with everyone!!

There’s a tremendous amount of press out there but that’s for another post.  Need some rest!

2 responses to “TABOOXJUMP NIGHT!

  1. I retail womens JUMP in Ontario, Canada….smokin’ hot stuff! Looking forward to some TabooxJump for the girly girls!!

  2. Hallo Harry,

    great – now you need a strong
    distributor for europe – you need

    Best regards Wolfgang

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