Zeelush and JUMP Holiday Window.

To celebrate the holidays, JUMP has gotten together with Zeelush Designs to collaborate on the Vanquish women’s sneaker.  Breathtakingly encrusted in Swarovski crystals, the piece while designed to be a holiday sneaker centerpiece, also allows people to imagine the possibilities for their own personalized sneakers.  Now, JUMP customers will have a chance to have a consultation with Deborah Zee, founder of Zeelush Designs to discuss how they would like their shoes decorated and Deborah will make it a reality.  Just be sure to leave your contact information with our staff to arrange a consultation.

Here’s how she described the piece:

Shoe: Women’s Black Leather Vanquish Hi-top Sneaker
Theme: Manhattan Winter

So I wanted to create a display shoe that was more of an art statement of what ZeeLush is about, rather than something practical– yet also enhancing the shoe’s original charm. In celebration of the holiday season of giving, I decided to center shoe as a present itself. I achieved this by taking out the shoe laces and theading the gromets with a beautiful gold ribbon that would hang the shoe on display and end in a large bow. I also stuffed the shoes with silver and white tissue paper. ZeeLush is known for their customization with Swarovski crystals, charms, and other unique elements. Therefore, I encrusted the tongue of the sneaker to the tip with gold, silver, and white crystals. I lined the edges of the shoes with black onyx crystals just to define and highlight the lines of the shoe with a litle subtle shine. I love the details of the bottom of the shoe– how the grooves are gem-shaped and spell out “JUMP”, so I also crystalized the words. Finally, I added charms on the gromets of both sides of the shoe– One says “ZLUSH4JUMP” and the other is a line of snowflakes and Manhattan-themed charms.


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