TABOOXJUMP ASIA TOUR 2010 Part 2: Hong Kong

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write about this portion of my trip but maybe it’s because there were some demons I had to overcome about Hong Kong.  Namely the fact that we destroyed that city that night we were there and it in turn destroyed us back.  Well I suppose I’ve also been rather busy stateside.  As if China wasn’t already crazy enough, we now had Hong Kong at the toes of our TABOOXJUMPs.  We arrived there in the afternoon and it wasn’t long after we checked into Hotel LKF that we were off to Roxie for the big event.

It was a sexy venue and May Wong had done quite a nice job getting things organized for us!

And then the interviews began.  Before the actual event, we did about 2 hours of interviews with HK press, everyone from The South China Morning Post to ATV.

More autographs.

Here’s Larry and some local HK celebs that attended the party.

Tab and me with Rin Kurana and Adrienne Lau.

And the three amigos zapatos.

Here’s us with Keith, buyer for D-Mop and also frontman for the band Goodfellas.

It’s not all Chinese people in HK.

Randomly these two showed up.  They went to high school with Larry and I.  I hadn’t seen Brian nor Denise in a few years.  The last time I woke up in a cab thinking my friend Hoan was her.  It was weird.

More of the gang from D-Mop including Rocky Fuk.  Very cool people and we’re really looking forward to shipping them very soon!!


Here’s May, PR organizer of the event.  She did a great job!

Tab and I with Eugene Kan, one of the founders of Hypebeast.

Bonnie and Samantha.

There were a lot of bottles.  Johnnie Walker of course.

Time for some words.

My eyes get weird when I talk.

We did a drawing of business cards for a free pair of TABOOXJUMPs.

And wouldn’t you know it.  The Hypebeast himself, Eugene Kan had dropped the lucky biz card.

People thought it was rigged, so we did another drawing.

And here’s the lucky gentleman.

And at the end of the night it always comes to this.

We would find ourselves at a famous Hong Kong restaurant at 5 am eating beef tendons.  It was wonderful.  The next day we had to bounce outta HK.  It was time for the final and what would be the biggest leg of our trip.  JAPAN.  Fortunately, we cruised the airport in style.


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