Kind of a big deal in Japan.

I know I have yet to write a post on the Japan Event but honestly what happened was I wrote this big long thing with pictures and it got deleted.  I’ll write it soon but in the meantime here’s some press.

This is Sense magazine.  It’s a new magazine but really dope.  They interviewed Taboo and basically asked him to pull out everything in his pockets.  Haha.

This is Men’s Non No magazine.  I’ve been a huge fan of this magazine for years and it’s been a fashion inspiration for me in many ways.  So it’s a tremendous honor to be featured in it.

Every time I go to China, there’s not much to watch on TV while getting your feet massaged.  There is, however, a channel called Fashion TV.  It’s like a 24 hour blast of fashion shows, events, models, etc.  It’s a good watch, especially Midnight Haute.  Hahaha.  So this last trip to China, it was pretty dope to see the event covered on the show.  It was broadcast globally!!  Check out the sexy time.


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