Japanese TV is pretty crazy as you can see in this video.  Taboo discusses the history of BEP, his experience in China developing the TABOOXJUMP line and shows off some of his own brand of Kung Fu dancing.  In Japan, SMAP x SMAP is the biggest group out there and have been for years with their own variety show.  The Peas have a long standing relationship with the group and always go on their show when they’re in Japan.  Unfortunately they weren’t taping SMAP x SMAP while we were there but they were taping BABY SMAP, an offshoot of the show that airs within the SMAP x SMAP show.  Yea it’s kind of confusing.  Nonetheless, we were very impressed with the professionalism in which this interview was done and how it was shot.  The producers and crew were totally cool guys and I hope our paths cross again.

Here’s the Peas with Shingo Katori, one of the members of SMAP x SMAP at the opening of his off Broadway show at NYU, Talk Like Singing.


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