As many of you know, JUMP was sprung from the cradle of civilzation…of shoes, Taiwan.  A veritable Mesopotamia of shoes in the 70s, it was in Taiwan where Hongson grew to become one of the world’s most formidable maker of shoes.  From that heritage of shoemaking gave rise to a powerhouse group of brands, amongst them JUMP standing the test of time for 30 years.  Anyone who grew up in Taiwan has probably worn a pair of JUMPs at one point in their lives or donned a JUMP raincoat with the three stripes astride a motor scooter nearly ten years before Adidas knocked the logo.

Decades later in New York, through the efforts of a new generation of footwear acolytes, comes JUMP Deluxe, the luxury evolution of the brand catering to a new generation of footwear connoisseurs.  Building upon the original vision of JUMP’s forefathers, we’ve now elevated the brand to new heights on a global level.  So it is with tremendous pride that on the dawn of it’s 35 year anniversary, JUMP makes a triumphant return to Taiwan, from whence its 30 year heritage had come.


One response to “TAIWAN SON.

  1. You guys make nice shoes

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