Revolve x Jump x Taboo

Last Wednesday we threw a sexy event at Revolve Clothing on Melrose in LA.  I was scheduled to leave the day before but of course, I missed my flight.  The only flight I could get was the exact same flight the next day.  So I did it and had my homie Tito pick me up from LAX and go straight to Revolve.  Good times.






Here’s Chris from American Rebel and Steeve and Donna from Connected.



Here’s Chris Rose from American Rebel.




Here’s Jason from American Rebel and Brent on the right, buyer for Revolve.




There’s Deb snapping away for her Hypebeast blog!


And then I finally got there.



And then Taboo got there!


And I presented him with the prototypes of the new TABOOXJUMPs for Fall 10.



Deb with Peas’ stylist Lor-E Phillips, who was actually the one who spawned this whole thing 2 years ago!


Tab with his fam.







It was a really dope crowd.



Me with Tito, Sam and his girlfriend.


There’s Victor from Connected.





3 responses to “Revolve x Jump x Taboo

  1. Hey guys,

    Just got my pair of Black and Silver Taboo x JUMP. I love them but damn they squeak a lot when I walk. Will this ever stop?

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