Taboo Deltah 3008

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Joins us tomorrow as Taboo Deltah 3008 officially launches at Foot Action in Madison Square Garden.

New York, NY. July 29, 2010 – Fresh off his first collaboration with JUMP, Taboo, of the 6-time Grammyâ Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artists, The Black Eyed Peas, has once again partnered with JUMP to launch Taboo DeltahTM 3008, his own collection of footwear for Foot Action stores nationwide in Fall 2010.

“Taboo and I have traveled across the world to both design and promote, initially, the TABOOXJUMP collaboration and now, the Taboo DeltahTM 3008 collection.” says Victor Hsu, Chief Propagandist at JUMP. “The relationship between Taboo and JUMP has not only grown stronger, but our understanding of how to best utilize his design aesthetic and lifestyle appeal has also evolved. You will find all these elements very evident in this new collection, both in its design and branding, and I’m very proud and excited for its launch.”

The Taboo DeltahTM sneakers combine Taboo’s unique taste with the Black Eyed Peas’ 3008 futurism. The three dynamic styles: the Diction low-top, the Denizen mid-top and the Delegate super high-top merge performance and versatility in a variety of colors.  Priced between $65 and $85, they are highly accessible for sneaker aficionados looking for footwear that is contemporary and fresh but also very wearable.  For Foot Action, it is an exclusive partnership that is the impetus of an initiative to bring the lifestyle-seeking customer to their stores, which until now have been largely geared towards purely athletic footwear.

As the designer, Taboo made it a point to develop shoes that provide cushion and support for dancing with a stylish and aggressive silhouette. The Taboo DeltahTM 3008 collection uses smooth, clean lines with a simple yet powerful ballistic nylon and patent exterior. “In 3008, there will be no war, race or turmoil. That is where Deltah 3008 comes from,” says Taboo. “I remember not being able to afford the cool shoes everyone had when I was a kid so for my own brand I wanted to create something amazing that everyone can afford.” Taboo refers to himself as a “sneaker pimp” with his own collection topping 700 pairs.

Here’s the video shot by Decon.  Taboo Deltahs CAN’T BE STOPPED.

Diction Low Top.

The Denizen Mid Top.

The Delegate Super Hightop.


17 responses to “Taboo Deltah 3008

  1. omg ‘-‘ LOVE IIT

  2. Hello how are you?
    Am team Brazilian fan site of the Black Eyed Peas I wonder if you could send me the photo of Taboo in UHQ to my email.

    Thanks team

  3. where can yuu purchase these high tops from
    The Delegate Super Hightop.

  4. We are desperately trying to find a pair of 9 1/2 taboo delegate super high tops. I have an exchange student who I HAVE to get these for…what can I do??? Thanks!

  5. where can i get the The Delegate Super Hightop? and is there really going to be one that lights up like Taboo’s one?!/video/video.php?v=10100195671260029&comments

    Lighted up Delegate=AWESOME!

  6. I am trying to buy the Denizen Mid Top black but i can’t find them anywhere, would you please tell me where to purchase them online.

  7. hey can you plizz tell me where i can buy The Delegate Super Hightop. cause i’ve been looking for them but i cant find themm …!!!! please help me??

    but when i go to this web it doesnt show it !!!

  8. where can i get the delegate super high top with the lights in the sole? or was that a custom one

  9. I cant find any of the taboo Deltah anywhere online :-<

  10. where can i find/buy the taboo TD3 Delta here in the Philippines? i have my taboo delta 3008 already and am looking for this delegate but i cant find one here. HELP!!!!!

  11. hi!.. excuse me,where is the shop? thank’s!!

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