Ron English x Jump x [ ] x NY Fashion Week

Man it was about a year ago when I first met the artist, Ron English, at Jump SoHo after seeing his work at the Opera Gallery.  I was familiar with him and his work but after actually seeing it and meeting him, became even more thoroughly impressed.  His subject matter is so subversive yet the fine art aspect of his work is done so skillfully and beautifully rendered that there really are not many artists out there like him.  So when we met, I knew we had to figure out how to do a sick collaboration.

He’d been doing a lot of work around skeletons and how to utilize them for some not so skeletal subjects.  For instance this Charlie Brown which was one of the favorites of the pieces of his I had seen at the time.

As well as this rendition of Guernica.


So we tossed around the idea of skeletons and he said, “yea what would the skeleton of a shoe look like?”  A few days later, while in China, I received this sketch.

This had to be one of the craziest shoe designs I’d ever seen and we had to make it.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy but my team would make it happen.  Fast forward and now I’d been approached by Barry Mullineaux, the owner of Greenhouse and Juliet about something new.  There weren’t a whole lot of details only that after having done our event at Juliet, he thought we could do something cool for a new space he was working on that would incorporate art and fashion into a nightlife setting.

I told him I had just the thing and got in touch with Ron.  He thought it’d be cool and we decided we’d launch this thing for New York Fashion Week.  We had another meeting yesterday, where for the first time, Ron got to see the samples.  He loved them.

So prepare yourselves for something in the works for NY Fashion Week (just next month!).  It’s going to be dope.


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