Taboo takes Tokyo by Storm.

It was just over a year ago when Taboo and I came to Japan and it was sick then and this time it was reSICKulous. I guess it went down when Tab invited Nobu and I to SMAP x SMAP studios at Fuji TV.  They were taping an episode to air end of March.  We gifted each of the members with TABOOXJUMPs and they absolutely loved their new kicks and rocked them in their performance of BEP songs straightaway.

The next day was the day of our event at Loveless to launch Taboo Deltah.  Loveless is one of Tokyo’s most breathtaking stores.  It’s three floors with a lofted lower level that allows for a spectacular shopping experience.  Last year, Taboo introduced me to the store as his favorite and it quickly became mine.  They carry one of a kind pieces and exclusive items.  So when Loveless agreed to launch Taboo Deltah, we were nothing short of thrilled.  We knew this was going to be sexy.  It began with a battery of press interviews.

Taboo Deltah Magnate and Victor Hsu, Chief Propagandist.

Yonehara Yasamusa, sickest photographer in Japan and Taboo.

Then a speech by Taboo aboard this hydraulic table that lifted him up to the chandelier.  Very epic.

Red Denizens are the best seller!!  Almost sold out.  Get into Loveless and cop the last few before they’re gone!!

Within an hour, 32 anxious fans purchased Deltahs in anticipation of the opportunity to meet Taboo and get an autograph.  It was a record day in sales of Taboo Deltahs!!  Sold like Deltahcakes!!  Busted out another 10 more pair the next day!

The shoes were beautifully and artfully merchandised as the centerpiece of the entire store.  LOOK HOW SICK THIS PLACE IS!!!!!!

TABOOXJUMPs still fresh as hell.


Yu Minato and I with the Loveless buying team.

It was a phenomenal experience.  Japan is truly a magical place.  Thank you Tokyo!!


2 responses to “Taboo takes Tokyo by Storm.

  1. i have 2 questions for you,
    1: Are you guys really going to sell Taboo’s Lit Delegate? Because if you are, I’d definitely buy
    2: Where can i buy Taboo Deltah 3008 and TabooXJump in Singapore?

    thanks 🙂

  2. Where can I buy Taboos Delegate super high tops from?? I’m In sydney….

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