It took some easing into.  I mean Japan was so insanely dope that there was a lot to live up to.  China has become perhaps one of Jump’s biggest priorities.  It is such an amazing market and has tremendous potential  I set out to find a distribution partner for Jump but ended up with something a bit different which I think might actually be a smarter play.  More on that to come.

I was thinking Shanghai would be pretty quiet since I didn’t know many people there and I was sort of hoping it would remain that way since I’d essentially been partying, I mean traveling, I mean working for the better part of a month.  But as it turns out, all it takes is one email to my homie Mike Cheng and I’ve entered a world of debauchery.  He introduced me to Inusa (BBG) and Kelvin, owners of Horizen and Sam, the resident DJ.  Horizen is an ultra sexy spot with probably the best view of Shanghai on the top floor of the boutique hotel, Les Suites Orient.

I ended up going there for the next four nights.  And mornings.  When you become boys with the owners of a place like this, it can be dangerous.  Haha.  But it’s all in the name of business!  We have something in the works, again more to come on that later!  But all I have to say is Shanghai better prepare itself come Fall.

Here are some requisite pictures of weird things I ate.

I thought this was funny.  They look a bit dark to be Jewish though.

Just landed in Seoul.  I feel like I’m playing that game RISK.  World domination!! Just ate blowfish shabu shabu in what felt like a grandma’s kitchen.  Like they kept trying to put more food into my pot.  This land is going to make me fat.


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