Jump Tokyo Chapter 2: Tokyo

Certainly in 1975, when Jump came into being, the products were all athletic shoes and so the moniker Jump was quite suitable.  Though since its inception in Taiwan, with each new country the brand gained entrance to, so the brand would make evolutionary “jumps”.  30 years later, when Jump SoHo was launched in New York, the brand once again took an evolutionary “jump” forward to coalesce its history as an athletic brand with a new edge converging sophisticated street with daring luxury.  So when I landed in Tokyo, and learned more of the intentions of the Jump Japan team, I knew very quickly that this new venture would also take the brand on another evolutionary JUMP. To put it simply, I’m a complete and utter Japan-phile.  Any chance I get to visit, I’ll take it.  And with hosts like mine, it’s all the more reason to go!  This trip was, as always, awesome, leaving me not wanting to leave.  We covered a lot in a few days and so it happened that Jump Tokyo began to take shape and solidify.  But first things first, I had to get my eat on with some izakaya.  OISHIIIIIIII.

And of course there was a bit of singing at the end of the night.  The next day on the way to meet everyone, I just happened to notice this out of the corner of my eye from the taxi.  Hahaha.  Had to snatch it up – absolutely no idea what it’s about or why other than the fact that we’ve already got some sort of fan base.

On we went to check out the location in Shibuya.  It’s situated quite nicely between the Ron Herman store and the trendy Harajuku shopping district.  Sleek spot and in a good location so celebrities can come chill without being harassed.  Afterward we met with the design team and proceeded to brainstorm.   These guys were good.

We decided to go visit some of Tokyo’s dope stores, beginning with F.I.L. and ending at another shop called The Contemporary Fix.  AMAZING store, AMAZING merchandise, AMAZING design.  Go check it out.

The rest of the design team.

And we were quite fortunate to have coincidentally ran into Yano San whom we were scheduled to meet with anyway.  He was actually the one who had introduced Murakami to LV.  He’s got some big plans for us as well as we work together.  I can’t wait.  And peep his dope ride!!  All black Land Rover Defender.  SICK……..

Well shopping in Japan is just insane so we topped off the night by hitting up Lebaron  with my homies Tatsu and Adam from Ravijour who are about to drop their exclusive collabo with Taboo Deltah.  It was a helluva night.

Next day was all business.  We went out to an area called Yoga where we would go to Akakura’s head office and where I’d meet Yamamato San, Shacho of Akakura.  Very official like.  Even had my own name card.  Haha.  The meeting went amazingly.  We confirmed we shared the same vision for our venture and at the end of the meeting,  Yamamoto San assured me that this was something he was very dedicated to and that he would pursue it to the very end.  It was quite moving and I gave him my very best domo arigato gozaimashita with full bow.

The next day, Nobu got back from Europe and we obviously had a lot to brief him on.  We’d covered a lot in 5 days and so we decided a bit of indulgence would be OK.  And when you put Nobu and I together, well…we set new records every time.  Following dinner at at Ken’s Good Morning Cafe, we hit up Roppongi.

We ended up leaving at 10 AM so it certainly wasn’t one drink.  But that was because we spent 3 hours psychoanalyzing every customer that walked into the joint using the classic Jump animal psychology test.  Cho omoshiroi!!

The next day we was off to China.  6 PM flight THANK BUDDHA.  But that’s the next chapter of this story!  Stay tuned!!!!


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