About Jump

Since 1975, JUMP has built an impressive global presence in over 30 countries. It was in Taiwan that the Chen brothers built Hongson, a vital manufacturing concern turned brand powerhouse whose stable of brands included JUMP, Travel Fox and Cable & Co.

In Taiwan, JUMP became hugely popular in the 80s designing sneakers that satisfied the explosive demand for Western fashion. Its success soon expanded to Hong Kong and China becoming one of Asia’s most talked about brands with celebrities enthralled by its styling and the industry fascinated by its unorthodox but highly successful business model.

In 2002, JUMP recruited an innovative design team to launch the brand in Europe. With its unique design sensibility, an aggressive new direction was unlocked, merging a chic Asia cool with a decidedly European flair. Soon, JUMP was introduced to top retailers including Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and Topman.

Following its success in Europe, JUMP was introduced to the Japanese fashion arena. By 2006, JUMP was being sold in over 100 boutiques including the prestigious department store, Hankyu.

Around the same time, JUMP began opening its South American retail stores, most recently in the spectacular resort island of Margarita, Venezuela. It is now one of South America’s most well received fashion footwear brands.

In 2007, JUMP arrived at 89 Spring St. in New York City with its stylish flagship store in the heart of SoHo. It is here that JUMP introduced JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE, homage to its beginnings as a sneaker brand. Its neo-luxe design is the definitive convergence of high-end street and daring luxury. JUMP can now be found at a host of distinguished retailers the likes of Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Kitson, Oak, Akira and Nordstrom.


45 responses to “About Jump

  1. elenastevenson

    This looks like a good brand. I love to see businesses that are run ethically and marketed creatively.

  2. Can anyone tell me where I can get JUMP shoes/ trainers (I want a hi top) in the UK. I refuse to buy another brand and my old JUMP are falling of my feet. HELP.


  4. You have an exelent disigner and we will like for you to take it to the next step with ostrige lether
    please see our web on the lether shoes we sale the ostrige lether or the finish product with your name
    contact me at my e-mail above
    Moises Tolentino mandate of the seller

  5. Hello. I have been trying to locate a pair of JUMP DALE tan shoes but I can’t find them. Can you recommend a manufacturer of distributor who could find a pair for me? Thanks1

  6. Hello… I was wondering if you carry “Jopine” shoes. I have to have them!!! I saw them on a girl on the plane and she said they are new, but I can’t find them Anywhere. If you don’t have them can you tell me where I could find them please??? I hope you have them… I’m so excited to get a pair!


  7. I am looking for the JUMP Seul (Black Cumix) in 7.5. and can’t find it. I leave in Canada.
    Would you know where I could find it. I have the brown and want the black.
    I would appreciate your help
    Please make this shoe available again. It is a great shoes, very comfortable
    Thank you for your answer

  8. Hi Saroja,
    We are Jump Canada, and we are still carrying the Style Seul in Black….Let us know if we can serve you JUMP STYLE !

    Bye for now …

  9. hey do you guys have contact info?


  10. hi!
    i hve looked freakvently after “jump badhu”- black and “jump imara boot”- brown. I live in sweden and i can’t find any homepage that are shipping for sweden. I want both the shoes so badly… I have been looking around for ages!please help me with a shop, page or distrubitor that can sell this two pairs for me! thanks for nice shoes and lovely designs

  11. dhirendra pandey

    we are from india want to assocated with you for indian market,do you have any plan to come in india or how can i contact you gyes

    with regards

  12. Love the Stark Boot! Very comfortable and I like the look. Not too out so I can wear them to my day job. I’ve had a pair for a few years. Just in soho last weekend to get another color and found that they’re discontining that style…:-(

  13. I want to know where I can buy this shoes in Brazil. Thank you.

  14. How are you. I’ve been supporting since 80s Travel Fox & looking specifically for your models that resemble TF’s. They seem to be hard to find in S. Cali…Thnx & please let me know any info
    do you guys have a website????


  15. I’m trying to find a Gallery or the main store to go try on the shoes. I’m in NYC-how do I find your boutique or store? I saw a shoe by JUMP called “BABY” But can’t find it beyond Zappos. I need a size 10 which zappos does not have and don’t know where else to look.


  16. where can we get JUMP shoes in hong kong?

  17. I bought a pair of the red canvas Burst sneakers in your SOHO shop and I wore them to death. Where can I find another pair of the same ones?

  18. Im looking to see if its anyway I can get me and my outfit with the jump shoes on your site because I feel like I did your brand justice 🙂

    PS: Check out my video B-U-D “Helicopter Sounds” and leave me input please

  19. where can i get a pair off travel fox in canada or where can i get them to oder i am talking the origenal

  20. Pingback: coliberation

  21. I’m in the same terrible boat as Noy, as I’m trying desperately to find some of your boots in size 10. Is there anywhere I can order them from? Anywhere at all?

  22. i have been trying to find travel fox trainers in uk size 4 or 5 i love them.i had a pair of white and snakeskin but would be happy with the yellow green red and white ones can u point me in the right direction i’d really appreicate it thanks tara

  23. Hello! Almost got a pair of black Starks but then the last pair sold out. =( Anyone know a site online where they are still available in black?


  24. when will yo guys start selling jump brand in san diego? im dying to get some tabooxjumps

  25. oigan donde puedo conseguir el precio de todos los modelos JUMP? en moneda mexicana, bueno espero respuesta.Gracias.

  26. Hi there, is there any way to get your shoes to sweden, i’ve been looking for pages that have international shipping but i can’t find any and that’s sad…since I reeeeeaaalllyyy want to get a pair or a 100…

  27. stefania vera londoño

    hello, my name is stefania I am of medelin colombia and I want the exclusive tennis of wisin and yandel, but not you where to get them here in my country… it will be that they could guide me to be able to get them…. thank you wait answer

  28. Hi there,

    Been searching for YEARS as to where I might be able to buy TravelFox! One of the great labels from the 80’s. I am looking for a pair of the low/mid-top white/red/yellow with the green strap in a UK 9. I’m in Edinburgh but would travel anywhere in the UK if they’re on sale here. I’m also interested in quite a few of the shoes noted on this site – do you have sales outlets in the UK for these?

    I did hear a rumour that JJB bought the brand of this and Champion back in 2007 – I take it that is not true?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


  29. Saw “Jump Deluxe” “Vantage” sneakers on page 103 in the new Maxim Mag. Would love to try a pair. Can you hook a brother up?

  30. Hi,
    I was just wondering if there was anywhere in the UK where i could buy a pair of these shoes i want them sooo badly.
    Please wbs.

  31. Hi
    Where can I buy Jump Vanquish grey or black for women in London, Paris or NY?
    many thanks

  32. Hello,
    I’m in Europe Belgium ans I’d like to buy JUMP especially the Wisin Y Yandel ones… Please, let me know how and where I can find this… I’ve never seen it in any shop around here.
    Could I buy in on internet and get it shipped????
    It’s urgent, as it’s a present…

  33. im looking for the Wisin y Yandel Collection i cant find them please if somebody can help me i really apreciate … thanksss

  34. Hi there:

    Can you kindly let me know how I can reach someone in your wholesale orders office?

    Thank you,


  35. Hi

    Looking for Men’s Jump boots. Amazon and Zappos don’t seem sell any. Can you help me as to where I can find them??


  36. im from los angeles i need the perseus brand badly can anyone tell me where i can get a pair please brannumoney@gmail.com

  37. Carlos I. Rodriguez


    My name is Carlos I. Rodriguez and my wife name is Zoraida Collazo we own a sneaker boutique in Puerto Rico establish 3 years ago we have a new concept of mobile boutique and showroom.We are very interest in represent some brands that go we our concept.Your style is what we are looking forward to represent in our country. If you have any interest please contact us.


    -creative rec

  38. Does anyone know if the boots fit big? I’m trying to decide if I should size down.

  39. Hi there
    I am wondering if you can send me contact info for JUMP. I have tried every email from the website and they all come back delivery failure ;( also the 1 888 number doesn’t work. I am in Canada and have the Jump Beauty boot, I love them but after about 5 wears the buttons that run all up the sides started falling off. I am wondering what can be done about this. I have about 4 pairs of various JUMP shoes and LOVE them, so comfy! Please HELP, I can’t be without my beauty boots, I am so sad as they were not cheap.

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