Jump sends its prayers to Japan

Jump hopes all our friends in Japan remain safe as they endure the aftershocks.  Please be safe everyone!!



It took some easing into.  I mean Japan was so insanely dope that there was a lot to live up to.  China has become perhaps one of Jump’s biggest priorities.  It is such an amazing market and has tremendous potential  I set out to find a distribution partner for Jump but ended up with something a bit different which I think might actually be a smarter play.  More on that to come.

I was thinking Shanghai would be pretty quiet since I didn’t know many people there and I was sort of hoping it would remain that way since I’d essentially been partying, I mean traveling, I mean working for the better part of a month.  But as it turns out, all it takes is one email to my homie Mike Cheng and I’ve entered a world of debauchery.  He introduced me to Inusa (BBG) and Kelvin, owners of Horizen and Sam, the resident DJ.  Horizen is an ultra sexy spot with probably the best view of Shanghai on the top floor of the boutique hotel, Les Suites Orient.

I ended up going there for the next four nights.  And mornings.  When you become boys with the owners of a place like this, it can be dangerous.  Haha.  But it’s all in the name of business!  We have something in the works, again more to come on that later!  But all I have to say is Shanghai better prepare itself come Fall.

Here are some requisite pictures of weird things I ate.

I thought this was funny.  They look a bit dark to be Jewish though.

Just landed in Seoul.  I feel like I’m playing that game RISK.  World domination!! Just ate blowfish shabu shabu in what felt like a grandma’s kitchen.  Like they kept trying to put more food into my pot.  This land is going to make me fat.

Taboo Deltah x Ravijour at Alux

The last time Tab and I came to Japan, we met Yasuyuki and Adam, the heads of the tremendously popular lingerie brand Ravijour.  They were really cool guys and they ended up blowing out of the Taboo x Jump womens in their stores and on their website.  When Nobu told them about Taboo Deltah and our return trip to Japan, they were all over it!!  We had a mtg and decided we’d do an exclusive style for Taboo Deltah x Ravijour for Fall 11.   Ladies keep an eye out for it because it’s going to be dope/sexy/sick.

It just so happened that Ravijour was throwing a party for their 7th Anniversary a day after our launch event at Loveless and we were certainly excited to say the least.  Hahaha.  But before we hit the sexy time party, we thought we’d balance out our lives a bit with some culture and family time activities.  Because you can’t just party and bullshit every damn day right?

We started the day off with Teppanyaki lunch which was awesome.  Check out how meticulously this chef does the shrimp

Then we hit up the Tokyo National Museum.  Check out this Dogu sculpture.  They say it’s an alien.

Some bronze Taboo Deltah artifacts.

Then we hit up Disney Sea.


And then we was off to the party.  But not before seeing Masi Oka from Heroes!!

Alright, enough suspsense. It’s sexy time.

Hot CYBERJAPAN dancers dancing with the Deltahs.

As long as there’s a shoe in the picture, it means it’s business time.  Hahaha.

Here we go.  Victor Hsu – Chief Propagandist of Jump, Taboo – Taboo Deltah Magnate, Yasuyuki – CEO of Ravijour, Yonehara Yasumasa – famous Japanese photographer and one hilarious mofo, Nobu – CEO Cactus Blues, Adam Sawai – GM of Ravijour.  All really awesome people.

Motto Japanese models.  Friends of Yone san.

This is a singer named Jackie Yone introduced to me.  He says she’s called AAA.  I told Yone he should be called XXX.  Hahaha.

With the Ravijour designers.

So at about 6:30 AM we left the party.  And as if that wasn’t dope enough, we went to Shibuya for sushi.

I really wanted to throw some karaoke into the mix but none were open yet.  Hahaha.  After the next party!!  Ladies prepare yourselves for the launch of Taboo Deltah x Ravijour for Fall 11!!

It was just such an amazing trip.  Every time I go to Japan I become more and more enthralled with the culture, the people, the style, the food, the list can go on forever.  Being a consummate New Yorker I always hate on other cities but whenever I’m in Tokyo, I just have an overwhelming resounding feeling that I’m in, quite simply, the pinnacle of cultural refinement and lifestyle.  I always leave wanting more. And feeling like a barbarian that I don’t have a Washlet in my crib yet.  Paper?  Really?

Taboo takes Tokyo by Storm.

It was just over a year ago when Taboo and I came to Japan and it was sick then and this time it was reSICKulous. I guess it went down when Tab invited Nobu and I to SMAP x SMAP studios at Fuji TV.  They were taping an episode to air end of March.  We gifted each of the members with TABOOXJUMPs and they absolutely loved their new kicks and rocked them in their performance of BEP songs straightaway.

The next day was the day of our event at Loveless to launch Taboo Deltah.  Loveless is one of Tokyo’s most breathtaking stores.  It’s three floors with a lofted lower level that allows for a spectacular shopping experience.  Last year, Taboo introduced me to the store as his favorite and it quickly became mine.  They carry one of a kind pieces and exclusive items.  So when Loveless agreed to launch Taboo Deltah, we were nothing short of thrilled.  We knew this was going to be sexy.  It began with a battery of press interviews.

Taboo Deltah Magnate and Victor Hsu, Chief Propagandist.

Yonehara Yasamusa, sickest photographer in Japan and Taboo.

Then a speech by Taboo aboard this hydraulic table that lifted him up to the chandelier.  Very epic.

Red Denizens are the best seller!!  Almost sold out.  Get into Loveless and cop the last few before they’re gone!!

Within an hour, 32 anxious fans purchased Deltahs in anticipation of the opportunity to meet Taboo and get an autograph.  It was a record day in sales of Taboo Deltahs!!  Sold like Deltahcakes!!  Busted out another 10 more pair the next day!

The shoes were beautifully and artfully merchandised as the centerpiece of the entire store.  LOOK HOW SICK THIS PLACE IS!!!!!!

TABOOXJUMPs still fresh as hell.


Yu Minato and I with the Loveless buying team.

It was a phenomenal experience.  Japan is truly a magical place.  Thank you Tokyo!!

Ron English’s Jump Popaganda Event Recap

Friday marked the launch of Ron English’s JUMP Popaganda at Greenhouse.  The event gave our VIP guests the chance to see the shoes for the first time as well as meet the artist himself.  We had an unexpectedly amazing turnout which became a huge line at the door, so apologies if you had difficulties getting in!

Here are the shoes.

Joy Chen, Ron English and Victor Hsu.

View from the VIP.

Victor Hsu, Ran Enda, Nobu Hirota and Mani.

Leonardo calling Ron English.

Victor Hsu and Ron English.

Ron English.

Victor Hsu, Ron English and Nobu Hirota, Jump Japan.

And here’s a peek at the new color.

Ron English’s Jump Popaganda

Ron and I were fortunate enough to have met at Jump SoHo through Dusty Wright who’s quite an interesting individual in his own right.  As the Chief Propagandist for Jump, I thought there would be an interesting propaganda collaboration with Ron English’s Popaganda.

We discussed the philosophy behind some of his works that included this Charlie Brown.

We thought it was really cool to conceptualize what the skeleton of a shoe would look like and we came up with these.

This Friday, we will be launching the shoes at the environmentally friendly Greenhouse nightclub in Tribeca.  Come check out the collaboration, as well as the new Jump collection.  Ron English and Jump will be in attendance.

Justin Bieber rocks TABOOXJUMPs on Lopez Tonight

The most popular kid in the world is wearing TABOOXJUMP now!!  Never say never.