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The Vanquish as worn by BEP at the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan

Picture 1

Taboo, Fergie, Apl and Will on the red carpet in Saitama, Japan for the MTV Video Music Awards.  Taboo’s got on the Vanquish once again!  Check out their new video for “I Gotta Feeling”.


Customer of the week.


Marisha Greenhalgh is a plastic surgery nurse from San Francisco.  No wonder why she had such nice lips!  She’s wearing the Sonar in Brown.

Michael Rady from the upcoming Melrose Place

Don’t you love how they’re taking all the stuff from your childhood and bringing it back for people who were born in the 90s?  Check out Michael Rady with the Vanquish in Black Silver who will be on Melrose Place, coming this fall to the CW.


Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men were at Randy Jackson’s recording studio working on their next album where they were introduced to JUMP.


Wanya Morris is wearing the Volunteer in Silver and Shawn Stockman has got the Vigor in Black Patent.  These guys put out some of my favorite karaoke jams!


We have the Vanquish Reflex Patent which is sort of a loose wrinkled patent that’s become quite popular.


Yesterday we got a shipment of the Vanquish Visional Patent which is a stiffer patent and different from what we ordered but still looks pretty dope.


I wanted to try this poll function and see what you guys thought!

Best seller.


I remember when I first started my career as an assistant buyer at Lord and Taylor, I would dread Mondays, not just because of the hangover, but because of all the damn recaps we had to do.  Some days it could literally consume your entire day.  Not only that, you had every vendor you worked with calling you for their reports and if you had a lot of brands, it could really be overwhelming!  Now as a vendor, I hotly anticipate the day to see how well we did and what checked and it can really make or break my week.

Last week, it was resoundingly clear that the Vanquish in Violet Patent Croco was the hands down winner.  In a week, we sold thru over 20% of our inventory, which at retail, in this economy, is utterly unheard of!!  I’ve recently been wearing them myself and in one day, had 2 people stop me on the street, 1 person on the subway and another at a store, who turned out to be the owner, asking where I got them.  What better validation can you ask for?  These things sell themselves!  We’re making new colors of it too.  That’s the cool thing about working in a pretty vertically integrated organization – you can react quickly to the demands of the market.  Actually we’re working on a lot of dope colors of the Vanquish!  Just wait…

For now, get these at Bloomingdale’s – if they’re still there!

Vanquish Green/Purple Reflex Patent in NY Magazine

NY Mag featured the Vanquish in their Market Sweep of eighties-inflected sneakers.