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Banned Travel Fox Commercial

This is a commercial we did for Travel Fox in the 80s.  It was so sexy time and controversial that only MTV would air it.  You can see the original Vanquish.  There are a few other styles that look pretty fresh also.  Time for more throwbacks!


OG Travel Fox

I copped this pair of Travel Fox in Taiwan.  This design hasn’t changed since the 80s but I think it’s still pretty dope.  Should we remake them for JUMP DELUXE??

This Week’s Best Seller

Vanquish in Grey Nappa.  It’s just an amazingly comfortable shoe.  When we did these for Travel Fox back in the day, people loved these because the were so incredibly soft.  This leather is like straight buttah and we’re finding that this deep grey color is becoming very important.  Get them at Bloomingdale’s!


Al Capone wears JUMP

I met Stephen Graham through Andrea, the ultimate connector of people.  He’s been in movies like Gangs of New York and shows like Band of Brothers but I’m really stoked to see him in his next HBO show called Boardwalk Empire, where he plays Al Capone.  Directed by Martin Scorcese!  We were talking about his role and it’s a credit to the power of the writers, directors and actors that craft characters like Henry the VIII, Dexter and Tony Soprano in such a way that you feel a connection to them and root for them even though they may be outright dogs, murderers and criminals.  Stephen tried on the Vanquish and was sold right away.  He said he doesn’t usually wear high tops and opts for his Adidas low tops but once he put on the Vanquish in Grey Nappa, he was converted.  He also remarked that he’d worn Travel Fox back in the UK.  Very cool guy.


Vanquish for women! And two new men’s colors.

I know I promised a few weeks back that we’d have the Vanquish for women and today we are making good on it in a very limited test run of women’s 7s at the SoHo store.  We’ll have more sizes soon!  I actually want some of these for men!  I had our girls try them on and they say they are just as comfortable as the men’s ones.

Here are the colorful and incredibly soft nappas that made the Vanquish a hit in the 80s under the Travel Fox label.


I want the red and purple!


And of course the Black/Silver Kid Crystal and Green/Purple Reflex Patent.


These just came in for the men’s.  Super soft Tan and White.


I heart the VANQUISH.

I’m obviously a JUMP marketer and I almost only wear JUMP exclusively, with the exception of my Y-3s, Visvim and Double Identitys, but without any bit of being an Al Bundy shoe salesman, I have to say that the Vanquish, in all honesty, is quite frankly one of the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever worn.  In fact, whenever I’m at the store, I have people try it on purely for the satisfaction of seeing the reaction on their faces after they put it on!  It’s a construction that’s been proven in the 80s and since we’ve adjusted our toespring, it’s made all the difference.  So here’s some commentary on the pairs I own.  Hehe.

I own the Ivis Patent in Grey.


We’ve done pearlized patent before, but this one actually is different in that instead of having that automobile finish sort of sparkle, it’s more flat but with very inlaid hues of green and pink.  For the longest time I’ve been on a grey kick.  I love anything grey, and I’m still not sure why.  So when I got this sample back, I knew it was going to be one of the first ones I’d wear.  The material was actually almost impossible to find but in the end, we made it happen.

I also own the Grey Nappa.


Harry had told me what sold in the 80s was the really soft nappa leathers that we used.  Having introduced JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE in all patents, this is the first model where we strayed from that initial statement.  When I first got this sample and felt it, it felt like nothing I’d ever felt before.  It literally felt like butter.  So when I put it on, it was like wearing a slipper.  I really could not believe how soft it was and really, why other shoe brands hadn’t used anything like this before? We’ll be bringing in a host of other colors in the nappa very soon.  I’ll keep you posted!

But beyond the materials, there’s something about the construction that makes it really wearable shoe.  In some regards it’s quite basic as a laceup, basketball looking high top but it’s the devil in the details that make it interesting.  The wideset laces, the straight-aligned perfs, the height, the padded tongue and the padding around the collar.  We’ve also priced it at $188 to make it more accessible.  I’d urge anyone to, at the very least, try on this shoe.  I hope this didn’t read as one big marketing message.  I guess it’s tough for the sales/marketing guy to review his own product and sound objective.  Ha!




Any legit sneakerhead remembers Travel Fox.  We first introduced the Vanquish in the 80s under the Travel Fox brand (see black and white ad).  Travel Fox was part of manufacturer turned brand powerhouse, Hongson’s stable of brands that included JUMP.  It became hugely popular in the US for it’s colorful sneakers and racy advertising.



Back then, we’d sold hundreds of thousands of pairs off the Vanquish construction so we thought we’d reincarnate it with our crazy ass materials and on our new last as part of JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE and KA-POW!  It’s become one of the most sought after shoes from our retailers and will be hitting stores next week.  Sometimes, a classic is just a classic.  Get these killers at Bloomingdale’s and at the SoHo store.

Green/Purple Reflex Patent


Black/Silver Kid Crystal


Violet Patent Croco


Grey Ivis Patent


Grey Nappa


Black Nappa


White Wrinkled Oily Patent


Black Wrinkled Oily Patent


We’ll have these for women’s soon!!!