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Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men were at Randy Jackson’s recording studio working on their next album where they were introduced to JUMP.


Wanya Morris is wearing the Volunteer in Silver and Shawn Stockman has got the Vigor in Black Patent.  These guys put out some of my favorite karaoke jams!


Ben Hollingsworth spotted wearing JUMP

It’s funny because this photo was actually shot by a friend of mine.  It’s of Ben Hollingsworth on the left who’s wearing the Paxtons, Nico Tortorella and Sarah Paxton who will costar with him and Mischa Barton in Ashton’s Kutcher’s production, The Beautiful Life.  It will air on the CW.

Picture 2

Here he is again, trying on the Vigor in Navy Patent during the Upfronts.  He was all excited because he walked into the suite already wearing JUMP!

Picture 290

Bloomingdale’s at Lenox Square in Atlanta


We are very pleased and excited (much like the girls in the above picture) to announce that Bloomingdale’s will now be carrying us at one of their premier doors at Lenox Square in Atlanta, GA.  They will be carrying the Vanquish so for all of you who have been asking for it in the South, your prayers have been answered!




The Vanquish has undoubtedly been one of our most successful shoes to date.  The one of a kind materials we use along with how amazingly comfortable it is on such a wearable, yet directional silhouette have made this the must have shoe.  Spending time at the store, I’m finding that it’s sort of bridging the gap between the typical guy who appreciates design with that ultra collector sneakerhead.  It’s a beautiful thing to see all your hard work result in something that can bring such satisfaction to your customers.

Thrillist Vanquish

American Idol

Two of the contestants in the final 8 wore JUMP SNEAKER DELUXE last night.

Anoop Desai wearing Vigor in Black Patent


Matt Giraud wearing the Volunteer in White Antiqued Patent



If you’re not already aware, JSD has hit stores which means I will be hitting them too.  On December 6th between 2-4 PM, Sung Kang and I will be at Bloomingdale’s in Beverly Center to celebrate the launch of JSD there.  Here’s the invite.

Definitely try to make it as we are very eager to introduce the latest in Sneaker Deluxe to LA.  Also, if you’ve read any of my prior posts you’ll know how cool Sung Kang is.  I’m quite excited to see the man again myself!  JSD is also available in all NYC Bloomingdale’s stores.

Here are some of the styles Bloomingdale’s is carrying.

Note that in LA, we also sell in Kitson who will carry a slighltly different assortment of our line!  Be sure to check us out there as well.  Here’s what they have.

At our other favorite, OAK NYC, our shearling lined high top has landed. It’s amazingly comfortable and of course, great for winter.

Get it at OAK online.

Hope everyone can rock their JSD for the Holidays.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Time to roast the turkey!!!